Same-sex marriage postal vote: MP cops same-sex marriage hate mail

Whitlam MP Stephen Jones and the email (inset).
Whitlam MP Stephen Jones and the email (inset).

Whitlam MP Stephen Jones has vowed not to back down in the fight to ensure same-sex marriage becomes reality, saying opponents attacking him with hate mail is just “water off a duck’s back”.

Mr Jones took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to share some “fan mail”, received after he told Federal Parliament the government was wasting $122 million on a “useless postal vote”, with his 8760 followers.

Attached to the Labor MP’s post, captioned “Fan mail from today. How should I respond??”, was a screenshot of an email with the subject line “ratbag element”.

“You are a queer, get back in the place where you belong.. stop meddling with normal people’s lives.. Try bungy jumping, without the rope..,” the email, from ‘Pam’ but sent from an account under the name ‘Kerrie’, said.

Mr Jones said the email was likely in response to his comments in the chamber on Tuesday, supporting a parliamentary vote rather than a plebiscite or postal vote, but he wasn’t fazed. 

“For me it’s water off a duck's back, but for the LGBTI community and their children it’s not, it’s deeply personal,” he told the Mercury.

“If this is the sort of abuse that people in the community are hurling around, and LGBTI families and their kids have got to endure, then I’m very concerned about the forces that are going to be unleashed.”

As expected, the Senate on Wednesday rejected the Turnbull government’s same-sex marriage plebiscite. Australians are expected to undertake a voluntary, non-binding postal vote.

A parliamentary vote would follow to change the law. Voters have been urged to check their enrolment details with the Australian Electoral Commission are up to date.