Letters to the editor August 12 2017

PERFECTION: Banksia and our beautiful coastline by Margaret Johnston. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
PERFECTION: Banksia and our beautiful coastline by Margaret Johnston. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


Why is the same sex marriage debate still going on?  The Government said we would have a plebiscite to allow every Australian to have a say in the decision.

Bill Shorten (former defender of a plebiscite) got together with Labor Light (the Greens) and blocked it. All this rubbish would've finished on  February 11 if not for him.

Shorten's problem is, unlike the Libs, he can't keep his word.  He's also fighting the Fair Work Commission's decision after earlier saying he would abide by the umpire's decision. I'm afraid I can't believe a word he says.

PS, I've voted Labor nearly all my life until Rudd and Gillard messed Australia up, coincidentally with another lie about the carbon tax.

Keith Norris, Bellambi


In response to the page 10 article "Liberals to try again with plebiscite vote" (Illawarra Mercury, Wednesday August 8, 2017), the Coalition made a firm commitment at the last election for a public vote through a plebiscite on the issue of same-sex marriage, yet Labor have blocked the election promise thus stopping the Australian people from having their say.

Since 2004, the Federal Parliament has rejected a change too the Marriage Act on at least 14 times. There was a Parliamentary vote on this issue in 2012.  It was voted down 98-42 by the likes of  then Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Interestingly at this time, Penny Wong's argument against was valid, "marriage is between a man and a woman (the only two genders)".

Bill Shorten and Labor oppose the $160 million plebiscite for same-sex marriage, while supporting a $160 million plebiscite on the republican question.  And who can trust politician to do anything good or beneficial for our country and its people? This is why all Australians need their say.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow


I agree with Minister Pru Goward, how dare these people erect tents in front of the Parliament and the Reserve Bank. Why should those responsible for their plight have to view them every day?

They should do what they’ve always done, hide away under bridges or in storm water drains or whatever they do.

And what if other disaffected people like pensioner’s who can’t afford their water and power bills because consecutive Governments have sold off the utilities, start erecting tents there, or people evicted to make way for motorways that will make profits for private companies, move there.

Soon the place will be full of people from the margins, people with mental health issues, long term homeless etc blocking the view of the privileged few.

And how dare they expect the Government to supply them with permanent, safe affordable housing.

They should accept the Government’s offer of a short term stay somewhere before they are forced back on the streets. Thank heavens for the Minister for Family and Community Services and Minister for Social Housing, Pru Goward.

Dave Schmidt, Towradgi


Let us get away from serious and Political letters and let me tell you about a recent experience:

I booked a table at a Wollongong Turkish restaurant yesterday and had lunch with Wollongong entertainment identities Scott Radburn, Graham Wilson, Wally Buczma and Ron Garbutt.

Not to be associated with the famous table prominent in the News many years ago, I had comments directed towards us calling us "the table of knowledge". Wrong! We discussed music, not council  haha.

Mick Chamberlain, Dapto.


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