Wollongong man 'stripped and whipped' after propositioning teen he met on social media

Some of the Facebook messages between the assault victim and the 16-year-old girl.
Some of the Facebook messages between the assault victim and the 16-year-old girl.

A 25-year-old law student who sexually propositioned a 16-year-old girl on social media was bashed by two men when he met up with her in person, a court has heard.

The victim was stripped naked and whipped with his own belt after driving the girl and her two male friends to Port Kembla’s Hill 60 on the evening of April 11, 2015.

The man’s attackers have been identified in court proceedings as Joshua Weir and David Srbinovski. The girl cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Court documents reveal the victim, who the Mercury understands worked for NSW Legal Aid as a paralegal at the time, paid to top up the girl’s internet credit before soliciting sexually explicit images of her with the promise of paying her between $50 and $100.

One of the attackers: David Srbinovski (right).

One of the attackers: David Srbinovski (right).

He then told her he’d pay her $400 to come to his house and “chill”.

“How long do you want with me?” the girl asked.

“Two hours,” the man replied.

“Alright I can do two hours for $450,” the girl responded.

Later in the conversation the pair agreed to $300 to “just chill”.

The duo met in Wollongong that evening and they drove to a house in Warrawong, at which time Weir and Srbinovski got in the man’s car and asked that he drive them to McDonalds.

The victim agreed and began driving, however a short time later was redirected by the pair to Hill 60.

Weir and Srbinovski set upon the victim as soon as he parked the car, punching him repeatedly in the face and throwing him to the ground, before stripping him of his clothing.

Srbinovski then took the victim’s belt and hit him across the face with it, leaving a large, bloody laceration on his face in the shape of the belt buckle.

Srbinovski, Weir and the girl then drove off in the man’s car, leaving him naked and stranded. He managed to get help from a nearby home owner after the trio had left.

The stolen vehicle was later found abandoned back in Warrawong.

Weir and Srbinovski were arrested that evening and charged with assault and kidnapping offences.

The two had been due to stand trial in Wollongong District Court earlier this year however struck a deal with prosecutors in which they pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

In court on Friday, Srbinovski was handed a two-year suspended prison sentence for his role in the crime, while Weir, who has been in custody since his arrest, was given a minimum two year prison sentence with a 13-month non-parole period.

With time already served, Weir was due for release on parole on Tuesday.

The Facebook messages:

(Conversation has been edited for length)

Man: What u do for fun

Girl: make $$$

Man: Haha fair enough I thought for a moment u were looking for a sugar dady Someone to give you $$

Girl: haha whats that?? Yeah that’s the one :)

Man: Why do u need $$ How much u need?

Girl: aw I need as much as I can get:))

Man: Um 400?

Girl: that would be great but what you gunna just give me 400?

Man: Um if u come and chill and watch some movies with me Maybe have dinner and just chill for the night

Man: Um well I’m free to chill sometime if u want

Girl: yeah well I am not free to chill but im available to chill lol:)

Man: Wear something sexy for the pic

Girl: its just a face pic for now :))

Man: Though it was A body and undie

Girl: I can do that I suppose:)) if you can help me out with money I suppose I can:) but keep it between me and u the pic please

Man: Ur boobs r crazy Guessing u won’t loose the bra

Girl: haha not as of yet lol

Man: Can u get body or bottom half ill bring 450 with me tonight

Girl: just for the photos?

Man: no 100 just for the photos 50 just for photos if I only get boobs

Man: ok...can i see it in person tonight


Girl: how long do you want with me?

Man: 2hrs

Girl: alright then 2hrs for 450 i can do that

Man: cool

Man: what do I get if I come??

Girl: whatever you want!!

Man: would you chill for 300

Girl: just chill

Man: where am I going

Girl: Wollongong