Hundreds of pallets alight at Yallah abattoir blaze

6.10pm: Firefighters are responding to a significant fire at a disused abattoir in Yallah. 

Crews are battling to contain the blaze, which has taken hold in a pile of hundreds of wooden pallets outside the Yallah Road complex. 

The blaze is believed to have started about 5.30pm Thursday. 

Crews from six Rural Fire Service trucks and four Fire and Rescue NSW trucks are on site.  

RFS media officer James Morris said firefighters were still working to contain the blaze, as at 6.10pm. 

“Nothing inside the structure is alight but several hundred pallets outside are alight,” he said. 

“It will take some time [to extinguish], given how many pallets are alight.

“The fire's putting up a significant column of smoke and residents will be able to see it all around the surrounding suburbs.” 

Police and NSW Ambulance paramedics are also on site.

One forklift has been destroyed. 

Firefighters have used foam and water to protect the structure.

6.40pm: Firefighters have brought the blaze under control but are expected to remain at the site for several hours, due to the large amount of material involved. 

Fire investigators are expected on site early Friday.

8.20pm: Firefighters remain on site. Of 12,000 pallets, 1000 are estimated to have been destroyed.