Coalcliff house fires: fundraising and Go Fund Me campaigns set up for victims

Fundraising efforts have already begun for the two households who lost everything in a devastating residential fire at Coalcliff on Friday.

Two homes were destroyed by the blaze, which broke out just before 7.30pm, another severely damaged.

Coalcliff Surf Club member Michelle Snowsill lived in one of the cliff-top properties with her three sons, the community now rallying together to help them out.

Emergency services mop up on Friday night. Photo: Adam McLean

Emergency services mop up on Friday night. Photo: Adam McLean

“So much generosity, people offering accommodation, free rent and all this sort of stuff, the whole community is really coming together,” Club Captain Rob Deacon said.

He said a Drop Legs concert scheduled as a fundraiser for the club at Stanwell Park CWA on Saturday night would change tack and now take collections for the Snowsill family.

“We couldn’t really go ahead with a big party like that without actually acknowledging what happened,” Mr Deacon said.

While Ashleigh Thomas has set up a Go Fund Me campaign for the Snowsill family.

Coal Coast Organics in Stanwell Park has also dedicated their next event to the cause, with one of their staff members now homeless.

“Thankfully no one was hurt, but today there are two families trying to deal with losing their home,” owners wrote in a Facebook post.

“Our Community Feast is coming up next Saturday, and all funds raised will be donated to the families to help in any way.”

While Zoe Becker has started a Go Fund Me campaign for her friend Sophie Morgan-Smith who was living with housemates in the other 217 lawhome turned to ashes.

A third property was badly damaged though vacant at the time.