'I'm not going to waste my time': Postecoglou stares down critics

The critics are circling and Ange Postecoglou's future as national team coach is under increasing pressure as former stars line up to call for his head.

But the man himself says he couldn't care less what his opponents say and, just hours after the end of the Socceroos' frustrating conclusion to their World Cup qualifying group stage, Postecoglou declared that not only will he continue to be in charge, he will not change his approach.

Former Socceroo and Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich has been a trenchant critic of of his tactics, team selection and approach to the game

But Postecoglou was dismissive of Bosnich's remarks - and he has the support of FFA boss David Gallop to see the national team through a difficult playoff programme as he sees fit.

"I don't make anything of it, I am not going to waste my time responding to it," Postecoglou told journalists on Wednesday morning.

"I am not everyone's cup of tea, mate. What do you do, you get on with life.

"I am coach of the national team, it's a great honour and I took the role to do it a certain way and I will see it through.

"The judgments on me, mate, the Australian football industry chewed me up and spat me out 10 years ago, so this is nothing new," he said, referring to the time when he was fired as coach of the national underage teams.

"It doesn't change my conviction of what is right for our game and our country and I will see it through.

"Last night (the 2-1 win over Thailand when Australia had 45 attempts on goal), as frustrating as it was, I love watching our team play, my team play.

"If we continue to improve like that, people can have their judgments on me.

"I won't be pushed into the shadows of Australian football history like others just by bowing to certain parts. I have survived much worse than this and if anything it motivates me because I want to make sure that Australian football gets on the right path

"Nothing will change ... the style and approach works for us and will work for us."

FFA chief executive Gallop pledged his support for the man whom he appointed nearly four years ago after sacking Holger Osieck, the German who had qualified Australia for Brazil 2014.

"We are fully behind Ange," Gallop told AAP.

"While it was a frustrating night with so many close chances, we are focused on assisting Ange and the staff and the team in preparation for the critical playoff games."

Gallop said FFA would provide the support needed to allow Postecoglou to become the first Australian coach to lead a successful qualification campaign.

"It's not going to be easy but one thing about being part of Asia is that we are used to travel and tackling the logistical issues of playing away," he said.

"We will now knuckle down to ensure that qualifying is as smooth as possible."

Australia will now play Syria home and away (in a match that will be staged in Malaysia) in October, and if they get through that then they must face the fourth-placed nation from North and Central America in early November.

Currently Honduras occupy that position, but Panama and the United States also loom as potential adversaries with two rounds of matches remaining.

The Socceroos will be at home in the second legs of both ties (should they progress that far).

Postecoglou said he and his team had already been scouting Syria because they were keeping a close eye on the other group (in which Syria's third place secured for them the other playoff place).

"It's obviously a more difficult road, but it happens pretty quickly. We have to switch our minds to get prepared for them. We will get information on the opposition and go through the process we normally do. We are kind of good at that stuff. It might be an advantage for us, we back our processes in those areas."

"I can't fault the performance, we played the football I want us to play. Sometimes football is literally game of inches and it was for us last night.

"You take your medicine and move on. We ended up losing one game in the whole qualifying campaign ... it's such fine margins.

"Japan and Saudi have lost two. Last night we played well enough to win three games."

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