Letters to the editor September 13 2017

IN THE MIST: In the morning at The Grange by Frank Dalbon. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
IN THE MIST: In the morning at The Grange by Frank Dalbon. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


Ben Langford, an excellent summary of our predicament in being flooded five times in 25 years all because council refuses to take responsibility for inadequate size pipes they put in.

John Mathieson’s problem of high insurance was caused by a council employee who  instructed flood engineers to gauge all culverts as blocked against the engineers advice that this was bonkers, up and left council and the ratepayers with the mess.

This total lack of responsibility defies logic.

If their superannuation and long service leave was on the line with their decisions we wouldn’t have pie in the sky projects and budget over run like the Bulli Tops white elephant, destroyed planted out beaches and commercial interests being given public land in the most heavily built up area in North Gong.

Or no footpaths and gutters through the northern suburbs. 

Get the basics done first then look at the pie in the sky wish lists. Use our rates for what they are meant for.

Ken Mc Dougall, Bulli


As a hardworking, honest Australian taxpayer could someone please tell me where I am at fault or was involved in any part in this sequence of event _

The rise of ISIS in the middle east.

The proliferation of illegal people smugglers bringing illegal asylum seekers without proper identification to unload on our country, taking advantage of the Australian navy and international laws.

The Australian Government's weak, submissive leaders agreeing to spend millions on new detention centres to satisfy the international community and providing the detainees better tech, health and legal care than I could afford.

The provision of lawyers paid by the Taxpayer bringing and winning a case of said facilities being run substandard to international expectations

Illegal immigrants being given $70 million.

Oh, got it. This is where I come in!!

Terry Sugden, Kiama Downs


For too long the politicians and their business mates have been sharing this nation’s assets among themselves.  And the country is going backwards at a very fast rate.

We have a power system that is rife with greed and corruption and thousands of our fellow Australians homeless and living in poverty but are any of those living in their ivory towers at the taxpayers expense doing anything to alleviate this problem, no nor will they.

The power problem is that too many self-serving people are behaving like spiteful children to get their own way.

What is needed is that we use what we have to create the power we need and only close down power stations when we have a system that is efficient to replace it, but unfortunately the bottom line is all that matters the people are surplice to requirements until there is work to be done.

A Liberal politician once said when they were after a rise, that if you pay them to much you will attract the wrong people.

This man was a true visionary. Just look at the load of con artists we have now. I fear for our children's future.

Brian George Berkeley


Our sincere thanks to the management of Figtree Grove Shopping Centre and the staff of the Hobby Sew store for the care, concern and assistance that they provided to our elderly mum, Iris, when she suffered a medical incident in the store last Wednesday.

In particular, a special thank you to the security officer, Adrian.

Mum has recovered well and is truly grateful to all of you.

Steve Brown, Horsley


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