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Making parenthood a reality: Associate Professor Lionel Reyftmann is a gynaecologist, fertility specialist and laparoscopic surgeon.

Making parenthood a reality: Associate Professor Lionel Reyftmann is a gynaecologist, fertility specialist and laparoscopic surgeon.

MANY couples are used to the question of when are they going to start a family. This question can be brushed off with a smile but when a couple is trying to conceive, this can be difficult to answer.

Usually couples are advised to wait about a year after trying before seeking professional help but go sooner if you think you’ll have problems conceiving. 

There are specialised clinics that can help these couples find the cause of their infertility problems and treat them appropriately.

These gynaecology practices focus on male and female infertility and IVF, as well as advanced laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery). 

“I am a firm believer of the superiority of minimally invasive gynaecological surgery over open surgery,” said Associate Professor Lionel Reyftmann, a gynaecologist, fertility specialist and laparoscopic surgeon at llawarra Reproductive Medicine and Laparoscopy practice.

“I have imported a new surgical procedure from Europe called Fertiloscopy. The operation is done through the vagina, and does not leave any scar. I believe I am the only doctor in Australia offering this technique, diagnostic of infertility and treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome.”

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The joy of pregnancy.

The joy of pregnancy.

A/Prof Reyftmann is a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FRANZCOG) and an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Wollongong.

A/Prof Reyftmann takes a holistic approach to infertility, and treatment may include lifestyle advice, medical treatment to assist ovulation, minimally invasive surgery, IVF or genetic screening of embryos to avoid inherited diseases.

He added, “People in the community tend to see me as a gynaecologist, and do not realise that I am a fertility and IVF specialist. 

“I have worked with Genea World Leading Fertility since 2012. They have a continuous track record in the Illawarra since 1994. Genea is the only IVF unit in the Illawarra that offers surgical biopsies to extract sperm from the testes of men suffering from azoospermia, and egg freezing for fertility preservation of single women. 

“We are also able to offer a revolutionary technique of pre-implantation genetic screening of the embryos, for women who have experienced previous failures of conventional IVF, or miscarriages related to their age.

“What makes me the proudest of working with Genea is the level of expertise and dedication of our IVF team, from the receptionist, to the nurses and the embryologists, it is unparalleled.”

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