Letters to the editor September 15 2017

BLUE SKY: Bong Bong Pass by Anita Pallas. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
BLUE SKY: Bong Bong Pass by Anita Pallas. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


I say reluctant, because Mr Oliver ‘He Died a Hero’ (Illawarra Mercury, September 12, 2017) was simply walking the beach, probably thinking of his family.

Yet we don't reflect on the cause of his death.

The people in the rescue ignored warnings, signs,  commonsense etc in doing this.

There is a rule of law relating to law and responsibility which refers to the 'act' or 'neglect'  of personality contributing to the death or injury of any person, and I believe this is one of them.

These persons have failed in their actions and their neglect, and have had a direct cause of this young man's death. Very tragic, and so unnecessary.

H Johnson, Wollongong


Trying to get any sort of an honest answer from either politicians or executives at the top end of the energy industry is impossible.

But when I put a few questions to those in the real know, much closer to the bottom of the energy tree, there are definitely some really bad things on the way for the shockingly treated electricity consumer in our State of NSW.

How will there be enough power to run the new western rail trains, the new Sydney trams, the tens of thousands of new homes and apartments, the new Sydney airport, and, in the event of a dry summer, the Desalination Plant at Kurnell? 

There won't be enough power, and plans are already under way to encourage businesses to turn off excessive lights and advertising signs to conserve electricity.

The Government sold off our electricity industry for a song, and now we all face a terrible future because of pure greed by private enterprise.

We were lied to about our once reliable State owned energy assets.

Dave Cox, Corrimal


I agree with David Coates (Illawarra Mercury, September 12, 2017).

What could be more potently and more basically democratic than a referendum or a plebiscite? 

However, I find nothing democratic about a postal survey on same-sex marriage.

We are being conned by our Prime Minister.

He wants us to think we  are exercising our democratic right by giving an opinion on whether we think a gay couple should be afforded the same privilege as a heterosexual couple.

That's all it is. an opinion. It's not a vote.

The vote happens after the result of the survey comes in when Malcolm Turnbull and his Government ignore the will of the people by voting on the issue themselves.

A human rights issue that should have been legislated for without the absurd expense and without the hurtful debate.

Democratic? Hardly.

Max Fischer, Scarborough


Sadly after this incident “Councillor hit by 'hate flyer” (Illawarra Mercury, September 13, 2017) resulting from her position supporting same sex marriage Vicki Curran felt "like this has shut me out of my community".

I feel positive that her church will never shut her out.

Unfortunately former Western Australian Labor senator, Senator  Joe Bullock undoubtedly had the same feeling when he resigned before being push from his party in 2016 because he opposed same sex marriage.

He was losing his ability to have a conscience vote as the Labor Party voted not to allow a conscience vote after 2019.

I feel positive that his Labor party has shut him out - and has shut most Christians, Muslims, Jews and most people with a strong faith out.

Bob Patrech, Figtree


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