Letters to the editor September 22 2017

CALM WATERS: A tranquil evening by Rylee Cole. Send us your photos to letters@ilawarramercury.com.au or post on our facebook page.
CALM WATERS: A tranquil evening by Rylee Cole. Send us your photos to letters@ilawarramercury.com.au or post on our facebook page.


In reply to Mr Devlin (Illawarra Mercury, September 14, 2017) to my critique of Mr Jago’s letter, August 24, Mr Devlin claims the Catholic Church is not anti-science and  in Galileo’s time, supported astronomers & scientists.

Yes, those that supported the Church’s view of the world.

In 1632 Galileo printed his ‘Dialogue’ using the Copernican theory that the Earth orbits the Sun.

In 1633, though supported by the Jesuit’s, he faced the Inquisition for heresy and was found guilty. He was forced to recant, under threat of torture and spent the rest of his life under house arrest.

His works were banned  and Dialogue placed on the “Index of Forbidden Books” until 1835.

In 1992 the Catholic Church admitted that Galileo had been right. 1992!

Many more were persecuted for challenging Biblical dogma and not only by the Catholic Church.

As for the Inquisition being welcomed, I cannot find any evidence of that. On the contrary, it was devised as a means of terror for control during the Renaissance, using torture to extract confessions. About 3000-5000 deaths in Spain alone! By order of the Church.

How can anyone excuse that?

Dave Schmidt, Towradgi


Twenty years of temperature stability.

This throws into doubt the logic of closing coal fired power stations. We have enough coal to give us hundreds of years to develop a viable renewables industry.

This is do able but not in the hysterically short time scale doom and gloomers want. USA is making real progress in CO2 reductions without this hysteria and has the cheapest power in the world.

You need to educate the electorate to the real facts about climate.

The ABC needs to be dragged screaming back to reality (tell the facts) and away from its green leftist stance.

Q&A was disgusting  giving air time to that airhead Sarah Hanson-Young and other labour lefties. The reality is we are being swindled by these people, use the coal to generate the resources to develop clean energy and stop subsidising a dud strategy.

Mick Hort, Barrack Heights


The very first time that I was given the influenza vaccine was in the Postmasters Office at Sutherland Post Office in 1970.

It was given free to all PMG employees who wanted it.

I have had the flu jab every year ever since, and it really works, most of the time, but not this year.

We base our Australian vaccine on flu strains and trends in the Northern Hemisphere and this year the medicine boffins got it badly wrong.

People fly into Australia infected by strains that we didn't get into our vaccine in time for our flu season.

Many people who got the flu had been vaccinated at the right time, but not with a seasonably adjusted vaccine for our part of the world.

There is no reason for failing to make an up to date flu jab. We wasted Billions by overloading our medical resources when we could have acted a lot smarter than we did to prevent this killer.

Don't give up the needle, just make it right for our  population.

Dave Cox, Corrimal


Q1 - Do Members of parliament get their usual allowances when they attend gatherings where they promote their's and that of the Yes/No organisation they are associated with?

Q2 - Is the Coalition for Marriage permitted to letter drop if it means ignoring signs a that stipulate " Private Property ".

John Edwards, Fairy Meadow


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