Letters to the editor September 23 2017

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SUNRISE: Warilla Beach by Adam Pearson. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


All the nonsense and kerfuffle going on in the news about the problems that allowing same sex couples to marry, is John Howard and his government’s fault, with a complicit accomplice being the Labor party during 2004.

Howard didn’t have a plebiscite or survey; he just introduced legislation to amend the Marriage Act of 1961, to discriminate against same sex couples by stating that “marriage was to be the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of others, voluntarily entered into for life”.

Howard knew this issue was festering, and this was his, and his pathetic government’s way of blocking future efforts to ensure same sex couple were treated equally under the law.

Now we have a weak Prime Minister, incapable of taking the necessary steps to override this amendment.

The truly democratic nations who have legislated same sex marriage, must look at Australia and wonder what has become of this country.

The world will not change, boys won’t start wearing dresses, except on mad Mondays, and school teachers will not cause people to become gay through sex education programs.

Wake up Australia and vote yes, once and for all, and send Howard, Abbott and the no brigade back to where they belong, the 1950s.

Richard Ivan Ruse, Figtree


Half the world is now in trouble with tornadoes, cyclones floods, droughts and murder  on grand scale, such as in Myanmar,  where at the moment almost a million starving homeless refugees are being driven from their homeland and their homes destroyed.

Plus the threat of a nuclear war from North Korea is now becoming a real possibility.

With all that in mind, we in Australia have our own big problem, or so it seems.

The problem  of the gay  people who want equal rights.

The fact that these  people now  have to wait to see the outcome of a postal vote before they can be legally married is over the top.

I see Parliamentarians' and Church leaders debating this issue on TV nearly every night, all of them being so damn righteous.  

People are sick of it.

The  millions of dollars spend on this silly postal vote, could have been given to the millions of starving refugees in aid , food and shelter.

Let’s get real, and be kind to those who are different!

John Pronk BM, Wollongong


It's not in one's financial interest to be married.

The abolishment of the spouse rebate and lower centrelink payments attest to that.

Married couples are simply referred to as "partners" so as not to differentiate between them and any non-married couples.

So what really is the push behind so-called marriage equality?

Is it perhaps just designed to overthrow the whole traditional idea of marriage to bring in some brave new world of anything goes?

The nuclear family might have problems but things can get a lot worse.

Kim Furst, Fairy Meadow


With all this debate on same sex marriage the question arises, why didn't Jesus marry?

How come he always hung out with male disciples. Were they all gay?

If God created the universe and all things in it how come he created gay humans?

It sounds like a lot of nonsense to me.

No wonder that 70 per cent of marriages are now not held in a place of worship.

Karlis Matuzelis, Bulli


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