Police get in early as word spreads of Port Kembla house party

Police have warned they’re watching, on the eve of an end-of-school party at Port Kembla that is tipped to attract hundreds of people.

Lake Illawarra Local Area Command learnt of the party’s liberal invitation policy – believed to have been spread via social media -and has used Facebook to fire off an early caution. 

“Lake Illawarra Local Area Command has sufficient police rostered for the evening who will be monitoring the event,” the message warns. 

“Police will intervene if attendees are causing obstruction to traffic or pedestrians, creating excessive noise or committing other offences.”

Detective Senior Sergeant Darren Kelly said the party had come to police attention partly because it coincided with a 33-degree forecast and the end of the school year.

“And it’s the number of invitations that have been indicated to us that’s causing us concern,” he told the Mercury.  

“As a result a certain strategy has been put in place for us to monitor, so it's a safe environment for all involved.” 

The Mercury understands the party is going ahead in a private residence, with the approval of parents.