Letters: Have we forgotten Dapto exists?

Dapto forgotten again

Once again the politicians have decided to "forget" the suburb of Dapto exists when in come to roads and transport. First of all apart from only a few other suburbs, we have new land subdivisions appearing constantly. I have lived here for 37 years and am still waiting for the "promised " bridge over the highway to get me there instead of fighting a train every morning and afternoon.

Then you have the wonderful council wasting money building two extra roads to get over to West Dapto. Great news except when it rains you can't get in or out.

Good job council! Then if you are travelling south on the highway we have no freeway access unless you go, all the way through Dapto and merge at Yallah. Then when you come home guess what, that's right no freeway access to get off in Dapto. So we will just waste time and go the scenic route again!

So now I'm told that if I live to see the Albion Park Rail bypass go through, the good people of Dapto will once again miss out on getting to use this! So thankyou politicians for once again forgetting about the people in Dapto.  You wonder why we think you are a waste of space!!!

Susan Walton, Kanahooka

Get a lift

Valerie Hussain can't see the cars for the trees (Mercury Oct 7). She suggests that the park opposite Corrimal railway station should be considered for car parking in her plan to have Corrimal station made an express train stop.

Her view is based on the 60 apartments and 700 homes soon to be built nearby. Surely the new and existing residents would prefer the quality of life opportunities the park provides. She also suggests clogging up local streets with commuter's cars is fine. Getting a lift, walking or cycling to and from the station means you can keep your car at home in your own garage all day.

Mark Smith, Bulli

Pleasure short-lived

There are less and less things that give me any pleasure in this New Australia. However, I couldn’t hold back the smile when I heard Emma Alberici advise her audience of the axing of the ABC’s Lateline, and at least one other current-affairs program.

She claimed the decision was part of a plan to rationalise the broadcaster’s current-affairs offerings. I am sure there are many ex ABC followers who felt a similar form of elation when they heard this news.

I know, however, all our pleasure will be short lived. Whatever levels of current affairs exist on the ABC, extreme rudeness, extreme egotism and extreme bias are so ingrained they will always exist.

At the end of the day the whole drama will prove to be just more ABC smoke and mirrors. The leftist cancer, that long ago pervaded the ABC, will ensure everything returns to how it was. Funds will continue to be milked from general programming and redirected to the ABC’s brand of current affairs, and the salaries of its journalists and program hosts to ensure the ongoing promotion of leftist ideology.

Richard Burnett, Wollongong

Come back Steelers

And beyond: Wodi Wodi track by Anita Pallas. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our facebook page.

And beyond: Wodi Wodi track by Anita Pallas. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our facebook page.

The Illawarra has gone from strength to strength since 1999 so, with Scorch the Dragon benched yet again on finals day, when, oh when can we have our Steelers back on the field and back on finals day?

Peter Smith, Windang

Wasteful delaying tactic

The wasteful expenditure and utter uselessness of the postal same-sex survey is expressed on the ballot form. A vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ has no value. It was a delaying tactic by Liberal party members who will ignore the result and still vote against same-sex marriage in parliament.   

It is another reason to vote ‘yes’ to isolate the religious right who are responsible for this charade and other policies of this government which ignore today’s reality. 

Reg Wilding, Wollongong