Security guard's skull fractured in glassing at Shellharbour's Central Hotel

An Illawarra man has confessed to throwing a beer glass at a security guard’s head, cracking his skull and leaving him with a deep cut that required hospital intervention.

Jesse John Rose, 25, had been due to stand trial in Wollongong District Court this week on a charge of intentional wounding, however accepted a last minute plea deal from prosecutors on the lesser charge of reckless wounding.

An agreed statement of facts tendered to the court said Rose and a friend had been drinking at the Central Hotel in Shellharbour on the evening of May 21 when they began aggravating another patron in the pokie room.

At one stage, Rose’s friend appears to grab the patron by the genitals, resulting in the hotel’s management becoming aware of the situation and asking the two men to leave.

However, both Rose and his friend refused to go, prompting the victim to approach the pair to reinforce the direction.

Rose became aggressive towards the guard, calling him a “dog” and spitting in his face.

Fearful he was going to be further assaulted, the victim hit Rose in the jaw, however as a result of performing the hitting action, the victim’s knees gave way underneath him and he collapsed and couldn’t get back up.

Rsoe then threw his schooner glass at the victim, hitting him in the right side of the head.

He and his friend were then escorted outside and held while emergency services were contacted.

The victim was transported to hospital where it was revealed he had suffered a depressed skull fracture. He also had a 7cm-long gash to the side of his head that required stitching.

Rose was released on conditional bail to face court for sentencing next month.