Letters to the editor November 10 2017

NOISY CRITTER: A cicada heralding summer by Kathy Mitchell. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post on our Facebook page.
NOISY CRITTER: A cicada heralding summer by Kathy Mitchell. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post on our Facebook page.


Australians with traditional views about family and human life issues are pretty much unrepresented in our parliaments.

The federal Coalition government consists largely of turn-coats and wishy-washies.

The only Party Leader clearly defending conservative values seems to be Mr. Bernardi.

Blaming this situation on “a decline of belief in religion” isn’t good enough.

What we’ve let ourselves lose isn’t only religion.

The emotive arguments used by same-sex marriage and euthanasia activists are simply not rational.

Yes, we’re under pressure to give up on reason itself.

Arnold Jago, Nichols Point


This letter relates to the plans to kill native wood ducks (Illawarra Mercury, October 26).

I understand an adult wood duck and several ducklings were recently killed at Helensburgh Pool.  Also that more will be 'culled' both at Helensburgh and Corrimal Pools.

Has this council any understanding of the planet we live on?  

Native wildlife is not feral - it has the right of protection and preservation.

Humans may be apex predators but we cannot exterminate other creatures just because they annoy us.

No self-respecting duck would prefer a chlorinated swimming pool to a natural habitat where they can feed.

I don't know Helensburgh but there is a remnant natural creek running behind Corrimal pool where ducks would rather be except it is choked with lantana, weeds and human rubbish like most Illawarra creeks.

Drowning a duck must be a traumatic experience for a child to see and the death of baby ducklings is cruel, sad, and unnecessary.  

They already have to battle foxes, cats, dogs and traffic to survive.

How much human sewage do we dump into the ocean every day?  

The planet is in a toxic state because of coal and other poisons we humans pour into the atmosphere.  And surely wildlife lives in and on our dams and water storage areas?

I request council deal humanely with this situation.

Stop killing native wildlife and make more suitable arrangements for removal to an alternate habitat.  

Clean the creeks in an environmental way, and plant native species to provide habitat.

Does Council realize that you exist to care for the community and that includes the environment and wildlife?  

I request that you do your job.

Jill Walker, Bulli


There was a time when Wollongong claimed to have the best of town planners.

Then came the 'Table of Knowledge' and the headlong rush into development at any cost.

And now it appears  that ethos continues in the City Hall.

Not content with limiting the citizen's access to the premier recreation ground on the foreshore the council is now bent on selling so called surplus parklands to the highest bidder.

What's next?

Glennifer Brae, the Showground for a casino, Puckey’s Estate for a holiday resort, McCabe Park for a parking station?

How long before we won't be able to see the escarpment?

But then, the concrete jungle will save a fortune by not needing so many outdoor maintenance staff to mow that pesky grass and trim those messy trees.

Who knows, with the monies saved we may be able to employ another highly paid "expert" to tell us how to improve the livability of the city.

Eric Davies, Keiraville


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