Gregory Scott refused bail over Woonona shooting allegation

A man accused of firing a gunshot towards a woman in suburban Woonona has been charged with a long list of crimes. 

Gregory Scott was refused bail at the weekend after Wollongong Local Court heard he posed “an extreme risk” to the community, if released.

Police allege Scott, 25, of Primbee: 

  • Breached an apprehended violence order intended to protect his former partner by forcing entry to her Lake Illawarra home. 
  • Sent the woman 218 texts and telephoned her 36 times, in breach of the order. 
  • Claimed links to the Finks organised motorcycle gang and threatened to have club members target the woman’s family if she contacted police.
  • Pulled a gun on a man in an unrelated incident at Cringila, in a bid to make him reveal the whereabouts of a foe.
  • Pulled a gun on a family at Woonona later that night. 
  • Threatened to “put a bullet in their f—king head” when told there were five children living at the Woonona property. 
  • Fired a round towards a woman who had earlier attempted to wrestle the gun from him. 

Police will allege Scott was accompanied by two men when he drove to a home on Malcolm Avenue, Cringila about 9.05pm on Thursday, and called a resident, Danny Camara, out to his car.

Scott allegedly went to the address in search of a man he was in conflict with – Andrew Coe - then produced a shortened .22 bolt action rifle, holding it 20cms from Mr Camara’s face, when he denied knowing Coe’s whereabouts.

“Do you want one in the head?” Scott allegedly said. 

Mr Camara ran from the area, unharmed.  

Police allege Scott then drove to a family home in Campbell Street, Woonona, still accompanied by two men, including one who wore what is described by police in documents tendered to the court as a “Halloween mask”. 

The trio allegedly confronted four people in the backyard, repeatedly asking, “Is Mick here?” and refusing their orders to leave, before Scott allegedly reached into the front of his pants and pulled out a rifle. 

One of the men accompanying Scott allegedly claimed he was there to collect $1400. 

Police allege Scott pointed the gun at a man and then a woman, telling her “you’re all going to die, you’ll get what’s coming. I’ll shoot you”.

They allege he slammed the woman’s head into a brick wall when she grabbed the barrel of the gun and tried to wrestle it from him, and that he was undeterred when she told him, “please, there’s five children that live here”.

“I don’t care. I’ll put a bullet in their f--king head,” was Scott’s alleged reply. 

Police will allege Scott stopped and fired a round in the woman’s direction before driving away from the street.

Prosecutor Anna Comer opposed Scott’s bail application in court on Saturday, citing the seriousness of the allegations. 

“Given the sheer number of matters before the court, committed in a short period of time, the accused poses an extreme risk to the community,” she said. 

Scott faces four charges stemming from an earlier alleged encounter at the Lake Illawarra home of his former partner. 

He has been under court orders not to approach or contact the woman since October 3.

He allegedly attended the woman’s home unannounced the evening of October 15 and demanded entry,

He allegedly smashed a window then forced a flyscreen open before climbing inside and searching home, convinced the woman had a new love interest in hiding.

He allegedly returned twice more in a bid to catch her out and, on the final visit, spat in her face when she admitted she had called the police and told him, “you can’t do this any more”. 

That night, and into the morning, she allegedly received a series of threatening text messages. 

“If you called the cops I’ll have every club running through every single one of your family’s houses, I assure you,” Scott allegedly wrote, and later, “I got the Finks down here so make this easier.” 

“So regardless your calling the cops aye, for your best interest I sincerely reckommand (sic) that you don’t”

In a later text he allegedly offered to pay for the window “but only if cops don’t get involved”. 

Police downloaded the contents of the woman phone. They will allege she received 36 calls, 218 texts and 26 multimedia messages from Scott since the AVO was put in place.

Scott’s bail application was refused. The matter returns to court on Monday.