Letters to the editors November 16 2017

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SPRING TIME: Flowering red gum by Dr Bob Corderoy. Send us your picture to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


Gladys “The Gloom” Berejiklian  has no need to mount a publicity campaign to tell the whole of NSW “I hate Wollongong and everyone in it” as she she declared war on us all long ago.

Trying her best to scuttle the shuttle, is, only one of many things that she, and her motley crew of effluent-enhanced energetics, are doing to bring our long neglected region down.

We have a Transport Minister who is interested in everything except Transport.

His ripping up of the train service into Newcastle has done so much damage to the business sector up there, that Gladys ordered him to put on a free Newcastle Shuttle Bus to try and reverse the decline of shoppers going into that transport damaged city.

There is an active policy of Coalition demolition of any and all services in our city. Gladys the Gloom will become Gladys the Gone if she keeps this up.

Dave Cox, Corrimal


Arnold Jago (Illawarra Mercury, November 10 2017) does not go far enough. He criticises the current politicians and then states that: “The emotive arguments used by same-sex marriage and euthanasia activists are just not rational”.

Please go on Arnold. I feel sure there are many in our community who would like to hear the “rational” arguments. As Arnold says, “....we’re under pressure to give up on reason itself”.

David Gammie, Balgownie


It would be interesting to know the extraordinary profits being made by insurance companies.

Based on the saturation advertising, seemingly on all stations, the costs must be staggering. Funeral,life, pets, income, you name it. Policies are being flogged without relief day and night. Of course policies are easy to purchase.

However claiming successfully can be a minefield of red tape and obfuscation with payments only approved as a last resort. Buyer beware.

Gavin Steele, Wollongong


In reply to Paul Keating, Peter Garrett the ex-Labor on-again-off-again Environment and Heritage minister suggested if the Domain was good enough for Jack Lang it was good enough for Midnight Oil.

There is no way Jack Lang would ever have charged $99.90 to relate to the people in their own Domain.

Brian Johnson, Gymea


I must congratulate Jill Walker and Eric Davies for their excellent letters (Illawarra Mercury, Friday 10/11/17 ). Both letters clearly expressed the sentiments of many.

Such inhumane treatment of our wildlife, and the town-planning so often suggested by council and unfortunately continues to be implemented in many cases, but with very little foresight. Where is Council’s guidance and supervision over its actions? Sadly, it seems not to exist.           

Roslyn Strahan, Keiraville


Under the topic “Health district releases three-year Plan” (Illawarra Mercury, November 14, 2017) is  the revelation that the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District spent $898 million in 2016-17.

Further into the story the disclosure that $18 million of the expenditure had been used to fund hospital capital works – 4.98 per cent.

What I want to know is how much of the remaining $880 million was spent on consultants and salaries; especially consultants?

It is not a difficult question. Perhaps Gareth Ward can have a word to Treasurer Perrottet and find out the answers.

John Macleod, Berry


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