Bikie police raid home on quiet Albury street

THE NSW outlaw bikie gang squad has swooped on a house in North Albury, blocking off roads and checking all vehicles entering the area.

Members of Strike Force Raptor raided the Kooba Street home on Wednesday night.

The specialised unit was established in 2009 to target outlaw bikies, and they were joined by members of the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad.

Access to Caratel Street was blocked off as police stayed at the scene for several hours.

A heavily tattooed man with a shaved head spoke to police on the roadside.

It’s believed several bikies had been at the property – which had a black motorcycle out the front – for several days.

Once the officers left, the man quickly made calls on his mobile phone.

Police media remained tight-lipped about the operation, which remains ongoing.

It was unclear if any arrests were made. 

But the incident coincided with the Bandidos’ national run for a gathering in Tasmania.

Dozens of members of the bikie gang had arrived in Albury on Wednesday.

Victorian officers monitored about 50 members as they headed south to board the Spirit of Tasmania on Thursday. 

About 300 Bandidos are expected in Tasmania for the national run.

Wangaratta Acting Inspector Kevin Coughlan said there hadn’t been any trouble in the North East. 

“We have done some active work around the Bandidos,” he said.

“We’re maintaining a watch over them to ensure public order is maintained and that people have confidence they can drive on the highway.

“We believe they’re numbered around the 50 mark.

“They’re in various formations so it can be difficult to get the full picture.”

Acting Inspector Coughlan said the gang had given guarantees it wouldn’t cause any problems. 

Police maintained observations on the group.

The main concern, he said, was around road safety and intimidation.

“Our concern is their movement on the road,” he said.

“Sometimes these formations can cause concern to the general public using the roads at the same time.

“When they do meals stops, the presence of large numbers of men dressed as they are can concern members of the public.

“We put police around that to give some assurance around public safety.”

Bandidos members have been linked to murders and outlaw bikie gangs are heavily involved in drug-dealing, violence and prostitution.

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