Letters to the editor November 29 2017

EARLY MORN: Port Kembla sunrise by Debbie Henderson. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
EARLY MORN: Port Kembla sunrise by Debbie Henderson. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


How can Mr Turnbull be spending millions of dollars of Commonwealth money on new warships, when he may not have the numbers to govern?

This money could be better spent on renewables, hospitals, education etc.

Instead of shutting down Parliament for a week, why not shut it down and have an election and settle the citizenship debacle before he wastes another cent of taxpayers money.

Dave Schmidt, Towradgi


In response to Paul Hunt's letter of Thursday (Illawarra Mercury,  November 23) his analogy of likening Federal Politics to a train on a journey needing a driver to navigate is a little unfortunate.

Trains run on predictable tracks which are laid out to take us to a known destination, no navigation skills required, nor need for a designated 'big light out front' controller as the light is fixed and that would be a waste of manpower.

So a train just follows the line, usually late, along the same rout it has always done, no navigator or thought to turn the headlight to any other direction than on the predictable tracks.

The driver could even fall asleep at the controls and no one would know.

It takes us through long dark tunnels, can only climb gentle gradients, carrying passengers, some of whom are freeloading and don't have a ticket.

Some seated facing backwards or with their feet on the seat with no regard for others and no-one communicating with the person next to them.

On second thought Paul's analogy of federal politics is spot on.

Terry Sugden, Kiama Downs


It seems that we in the Illawarra are regarded by Queen Glady's as the lesser creatures from the lower fields and warrant no regard at all there are billions of dollars for her realm and not even enough for a lift at Unanderra to help those with mobility problems.

Considering that some of the tax money she is spending came from this area but those who think they are of an elite group seem to for get that we still a vote at elections and very long memories.

Not that the other parties are any better as the are just like the LNP –  self serving and treat us with the same disdain once they are on the gravy train.

I have said many times that it is time for a change to our political system we are either a single nation or a conglomerate of little kingdoms.

We only need one government and all rules of law unified through out the country not as we are at present where every state has it's own laws and tax systems.

The present system is centuries out of date and is as corrupt as any criminal group.

We are constantly being ripped off and our taxes wasted by the present groups in this system.

Brian George Berkeley


It’s time phone in support for customers using digital products were given a fair-go.

The contracting out of phone support to Manilla, India, etc, may benefit manufacturers and retailers, but it achieves little when accented English becomes a bigger problem than the one we have.

This frustrating, often transferred phone conversation, ends as a rule with the problem unsolved.

Our language is English yet we expect the support people with a slim idea of English, to albeit genuinely help make the product work.

Consumer Affairs need to reign in companies giving us cheap inadequate support from another country. It’s called passing the buck.

Brian Johnson, Gymea


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