Letters to the editor November 30 2017

GOING QUACKERS: Wood ducks by Janet Stewart. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
GOING QUACKERS: Wood ducks by Janet Stewart. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


Adrian Devlin must be very pleased having two consecutive days of venting his spleen with, not love, but total abhorrence of gay people.

Obviously your hero is Rev. John C McClosky III, an Opus Dei campaigner whom many conservative Catholics find bizarre and want nothing to do with.  

I'm sure many "normal" Catholics would find your diatribe revolting as there would surely be homosexuals amongst them, and no doubt some would have children who have gender issues.

It can be conflicts like this, between religion and gender, that can lead to many young people coming suicide. The present Pope is admired by almost everyone, even non- believers like myself .

He talks of real inclusion, love and respect for everyone. I think conscripting God into your clearly vicious and homophobic remarks is disgusting. 

William Bielefeldt, Kembla Grange


Adrian Devlin (Illawarra Mercury, November 24) has been taught to understand that homosexuality is disordered behaviour, but he does not understand people who are homosexual.

They do not choose to be homosexual, therefore they cannot choose to be “converted”.

The choice they have is either to suppress and disguise their feelings, or to be open about who they are and risk ostracism, vilification, violence and patronisation.

Both options present dangers to their mental, physical and emotional well being. It is often wise to “walk a mile in another man’s shoes”.

Mr. Devlin, imagine for a moment that heterosexuality is widely considered to be the disordered behaviour, yet you feel drawn to a person of the opposite sex.

You cannot legally marry that person, nor even kiss her goodbye at the railway station.  If you have children you will be told that they will have an inferior upbringing.

You might even feel obliged to marry a person of the same sex as you in an attempt to hide or even “cure” your disorder.

Your sexual orientation (which is really your private business) is considered open to public debate, you are given advice about how you should live your life and you are hounded by people wishing to convert and save you. How would you feel?

Barbara Sawtell, Oak Flats


Everyday we seem to be dodging unregistered and therefore uninsured minibikes on our roads. When are we going to get serious and start putting authority back into our Police Force?

If we started offering people rewards for any evidence and photos of riders who are prosecuted, and remove these bikes from circulation, wouldn't this put an end to the problem?

Why do we 'pussyfoot' around, protecting the wrongdoers? Let's put some power back into our police force instead of using them as 'cleanup crews' for horrific accidents.

Bronwyn Barrett, Horsley


In 2016 the NSW Government bundled together a parcel of 44,000 hectares of public land that re-emerged in glossy real estate brochures as the Cobbora Estate. The land mostly rural with a scattering of town allotments were auctioned off and the proceeds returned to the government.

The whole process reeks of Tea Party politics where the government is not for the people. Rather government is for creating money for business and assets for the rich.

The land should have been used for public housing and renewable energy projects such as solar farms. For instance, the 16.8 billion governments have squandered on ead-end projects, such as WestConnex, would have built 33,600 houses each valued at $500,000 each.

John Macleod, Berry


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