Letters to the editor December 2 2017

FUN IN THE SUN: Levi has grown some huge sunflowers in his nan's garden in Shellharbour Village. Picture courtesy of Jess Crouch.
FUN IN THE SUN: Levi has grown some huge sunflowers in his nan's garden in Shellharbour Village. Picture courtesy of Jess Crouch.


Yay!! They are going to knock down a stadium and rebuild it, and renovate others.

Only going to cost $2 billion.

Just what we need, tax payers money spent on venues that stand idle for days until a game of football is held and then gets only half filled.

No need to worry about the kids living in poverty, the homeless, hospitals, nurses, schools, teachers, police, firemen and other essential services etc.

They can run charity drives and get what they can from them.  

Thank you Gladys you seem to have your priorities right.


Pat Robertson, Horsley


Every day of the week thousands of hard working, yet severely neglected Australians from the South Coast, pay The Opal Company huge amounts of money to smuggle them into the Sydney metropolitan area on overcrowded and unreliable trains.

Every step of the way they are discouraged by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian "Gladys the Gloom" and Disinterested Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

The Train People are nothing but nuisances who refuse to pledge alliegence to The Gods Of Jobs and Growth, and tow the line of Turnbulls Misfits.

Our wronged,and long neglected citizens, only want to keep a roof over their heads and feed and clothe their families and lead the Australian Life.

Yet every impediment to holding down a rewarding job is placed in their way by this State Government.

Dave Cox, Corrimal


Well done to Sue Hassler for her bringing to notice the Honey Birdette's window advertising.

How tacky and so demeaning.

Do those women in the store not think it inappropriate and speak up?

No self-respecting woman would find it acceptable.

Is it any wonder there is little respect for women when this is the type of display they use to draw attention to what is, and should be, a time for celebration of the birth of Christ.and sharing the Spirit of Christmas in our community?

Not to mention the bewilderment of young children who will wonder how that could be anything to do with this special family time.

While this sort of advertising is condoned and accepted we will continue to have cases such as those currently in the media regarding the harassment of women in the workplace.

Shame on those who organised such a display.

I hope that people will vote with their feet and closed wallets and find stores with a more appropriate approach to showcasing their wares.

How many of us truly remember "the reason for the season"?

Margaret Wolfe, Thirroul


Here we go again, the two major chains in Dapto  for petrol $1.47 this week.

How come week in week out they always seem to have the same price no matter what the price.

Always exactly the same for a long time. Collusion? No such word is there?

West Wollongong servo $1.22 this week, while Dapto was $1.47.

Here’s the rub.

Independents would not have the buying power of the major chains, so are they selling at loss ? Of course not.

How does it continue to happen?

All businesses, pensioners, and us are been taken for a ride.

This government has got to get some balls and pull these rip off merchants into line.

If the chains wont do it, the government needs to step up to the plate and set the pricing themselves.

Tony O’Donnell Dapto.


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