Letters to the editor December 7, 2017

Reader's pic: Sunset at Two Figs winery by Debbie Henderson on December 4. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
Reader's pic: Sunset at Two Figs winery by Debbie Henderson on December 4. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Tell Turnbull it’s over

The bookies never get it wrong. In a run down to the next election Turnbull is currently a despised outsider in a ‘two horse’ race. Given Bishop, Corman and Fifield were rolled out last Friday to reconfirm their unilateral support for Turnbull, who they say, “will lead the Party to the next election, and win it” (Bishop) methinks the three are curiously feeding the PM false hope.

Why? If one or all three can raise a modicum of honesty about the government ominous chances about retaining government Turnbull needs to be forcefully informed ‘it is over’. Say it as it is rather than telling the PM what he wants to hear!

DJ Preece, Wollongong

Raise the GST 

The deception is barefaced and intentional—Scott Morrison and taxes. He says Australia has one of lowest corporate tax rates. That may be so but it is only half the story. Here a selection of corporate tax rates; where rates are higher or on par with ours.

KPMG corporate tax rates 2017, by percentages: United Arab Emirates 55 United States 40 Argentina 35 Brazil 34 Belgium 33.99 France 33.33 Pakistan 31 Japan 30.86 Australia 30 Mexico 30 Philippines 30  Germany 29.79 Greece 29 New Zealand 28 South Africa 28

With GST/VAT percentage added: Greece 29-24 Argentina 35-21 Belgium 33.39-21 France 33.33-20 Germany 29.79-19 Brazil 34-17.25 Pakistan 31-17 Mexico 30-16 New Zealand 28-15 South Africa 28-14 Philippines 30-12 Australia 30-10 Japan 30.86-8 USA 40-0 UAE 55-0

Finally, lower corporate tax rates plus GST/VAT: Hungary 9-27 Ireland 12.5-23 Russia 20-18 Finland 20-24 Portugal 22-23 Denmark 22-25 China 25-17 Austria 25-20 Netherlands 25-21 Spain 25-21. 

My opinion: corporate tax rates should remain unchanged; whilst the opposite applies to the GST. Under the present system the states are deprived of sufficient income from consumer spending. A rise in the GST would go a long way to remedy the situation.

John Macleod,  Berry

Lose the Liberals

I suggest the Liberals at both NSW State and Federal levels have recently shown levels of incompetence and negligence that clearly demonstrates their incapacity to govern. The people of this state and this nation urgently need 2 elections; so we can toss these appalling, bungling, hapless and ineffectual governments out.

Tony Heathwood, Kiama Downs

We ain’t no Copenhagen

Green's Councillor Mithra Cox is increasingly frustrated with all the talk of fixing roads and wants us to follow Copenhagen's paths for cyclists. (Mercury 5/12/17)  Whilst I am all for cycleways, may I point out two issues that make her constituents different from the people of Copenhagen?

1) Copenhagen is largely flat where large parts of Mithra's Ward One exists on the side of a steep escarpment. Thus cycling can be dangerous for the young, difficult for the old and tough for anyone in between.

 2) The main road connecting ward one to the rest of Wollongong has two points at which a road accident can effectively and instantaneously build a Berlin Wall dividing north from south. We need a second means of egress.

Murray Jones, Thirroul

I call it price gauging

For three years WCC have increased the AFSS by $10. This year they increased it by $29.50.

I asked for an explanation and they said that to recoup costs associated with day to day running of the annual fire safety statement renewal function. The $1110 fee is also generally in line with other neighbouring councils. 

So just because others overcharge they can? I can’t see why it increased from $81.50 to $111.00! I call it price gauging.

Clara Tyler, Bulli