What does $1 million buy in southeast Queensland?

24/13 Mahia Terrace, Kings Beach.
24/13 Mahia Terrace, Kings Beach.
2/6 Camfield Street, Alexandra Headland.

2/6 Camfield Street, Alexandra Headland.

We all know that Sydney's median house price is more than $1 million, but Brisbane's is a long way behind. In fact, $1 million buys you plenty of property in the Sunshine State with experts predicting prestige has only one way to go - and that's up.

Toowong principal Doug Disher said $1 million buys a lot of "kudos" in Brisbane.

"Depending on where you've set your sights, having $1 million at your disposal gives you some serious kudos in Brisbane," he said.

"It may not be enough to buy a riverfront or a home with "to die for" views, but it will open your options up in terms of getting you into the right location to set yourself up for maximising the capital gain."

Location was paramount, he said, including close to the city and attractions such as cafe precincts.

Investors could also consider commercial real estate is they had $1 million to spend, he said, or a top-end apartment.

"Perhaps an apartment in the city with great views and the opportunity to ditch the car in favour of walking or riding - or hiring a car for the occasional weekend away," he said.

"There really is a lot you can buy for around $1 million, at least until the market moves again, which it will."

On the Sunshine Coast, million-dollar buyers had a smorgasboard of options, according to award-winning sales agent Amber Werchon.

She said the Sunshine Coast provided $1 million opportunities near the coast or in the hinterland.

"The Sunshine Coast offers so much variety and caters to the needs and desires of so many," Ms Werchon said.

"Whether you are looking for a waterfront property on the doorstep of one of our pristine beaches, or acreage in the hinterland, all of this can be found on the Sunshine Coast."

The famed locale of Noosa was always on the radar of buyers and investors with it becoming the second most expensive house market in Queensland, she said.

While there was plenty of prestige properties on the market, she said, Noosa's median house price was $645,000.

Its unit market was now the most expensive in Queensland, she said, with prestige apartments readily available for cashed-up buyers.

Top-range units currently for sale on the Sunshine Coast include a four-bedroom penthouse on Kings Beach in Caloundra boasting water views and a four-bedroom new luxury duplex in Alexandra Headland.

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