Moment of zen: The mundane task Tex Perkins finds meditative

Don't get the music legend started on body corporate meetings...

What is your strongest memory of your childhood home?

Well, when I think about my childhood home in my mind I see the front of the house, a three-storey, four bedroom, white weatherboard joint with aluminium cladding, aqua blue aluminium awnings and a regularly mowed front lawn.

What do you recall most about buying your first home?

I remember walking in the front door and thinking 'yep, this is the one'. I could instantly picture my family and I in this space. This was in St Kilda in Melbourne in the mid '90s A three-bedroom flat for less than $250,000. Still got it.

What was the best part of home ownership?

Along with a sense of pride, the best thing is not paying rent and not having to get permission to put a nail in a wall.

And the worst?

Can you share any tips for organising a home?

Don't have kids!

Do you have a favourite room?

The padded one.

What is the best piece of furniture or household item you have ever owned?

My recliner.

What is the worst household item?

All of the fridges we've ever owned. No fridge has ever coped.

Do you enjoy gardening?

Yes, up to a point. I have to admit growing up in the suburbs has instilled a love of lawn deep in my soul. There's something strangely meditative about mowing a lawn. It brings a special sense of satisfaction not found anywhere else in life.

If you could live in a dream house, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A massive underground bunker with enough supplies to last 10 years.

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