Shipping container ski resort is surprisingly spacious inside

At first glance you might not realise what this high-end ski resort in Eastern Europe is made from.

Located 2200 metres above sea level in the Caucasus mountain range in Georgia, the Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort was built using 20 repurposed shipping containers.

Architects Sandro Ramishvili and Irakli Eristavi designed the lodge to mimic the sloping shape of the mountains.

Their aim was to create a resort that not only looked good, but was built sustainably using recycled materials.

The rooms are styled like a modern boutique hotel, with ski-themed prints on the wall and double, family and deluxe suites available.

These shipping containers have come a long way since they were brought in from the docks, each one with timber panelling that acts as insulation for the winter air.

The resort has five levels connected by a central spiral staircase.

Elevated by steel supports dug into the mountainside, the reception and dining area are on the first floor with the guest rooms stacked on top.

The resort's facilities include a sauna and yoga studio.

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