Trend predications for one of you home's most important fittings

Installing tile in your home can be a big investment ??? kitchen and bathroom remodels, specifically, are the two most expensive renovation projects. So the last thing you want to do is pay for a new tile floor, only to find out it's not in style anymore.

To help you stay in the know of what's hot and what's not in the world of tile, we asked a few of our favourite designers to cue us in. They gave us their predictions on which new tile trends we'll be seeing in 2018.

So read on, tile-lovers! And don't pull the trigger on that subway tile backsplash just yet.

1. Terracotta tile

Jessica McCarthy, creative director of the Decorist, says, "Terracotta tiles inject a natural, rustic tone to interiors and bring an instant warmth and comfort to a space."

2. Colourful glazed tile

Designer Orlando Soria is predicting that more colourful tiles are coming our way. "I'm seeing a lot of interest in handmade tile with glaze [and] colour variation. Anything that adds earthiness to a room is great. Especially when it's combined with a bold colour. I'm seeing a lot of beautiful options in the grey [and] blue world," he says.

3. Contrasting grout

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Is the subway tile on its way out? Designer Orlando Soria, creator of, says, "I think subway tile will always be around and will always be appropriate for certain traditional styles of homes."

To give it a new spin, he suggests experimenting with the grout. "Even if the pattern is just a white subway tile, creating a bit of distinction with bold, dark grout is a way to make your space look a bit more unique."

4. Patterned tile

"Pattered tile is still a winner in my book," says interior stylist Kirsten Grove. "It creates a fun backdrop to any style kitchen. And it allows for pattern and texture to shine in an otherwise boring space. I love anything from geometric to Southwestern. The bolder, the better!"

5. Glazed terracotta tile

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Many may not know that high-style terracotta tile comes in a variety of rich colours and tones. Interior design blogger and home furnishings designer Coco, of Cococozy, says, "After years and years of subway tiles reigning supreme, the Moroccan zellige tile, which is a glazed terracotta tile, offers the same classic shapes with a high-gloss finish and subtle texture that can make any space feel custom and high design."

6. Parquet pattern

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If you're still partial to the affordable price tag of a subway tile, why not use a fresh layout pattern? Orlando Soria says, "I'm seeing [parquet patterns] more and more as a way of spicing up inexpensive subway tiles. It's a great way of getting a high-end custom look without spending a lot on material."

7. Black and black

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According to Jessica McCarthy, "Black tiles with matching black grout is the perfect combination for a sleek and modern kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor, or around a fireplace. Bonus: you won't have to worry about cleaning the grout quite as much, either!"

8. Matte Finish

In 2018, we may be seeing less glossy tiles and more matte, says Jessica McCarthy. "Using a matte tile allows for the shape and colour of the tile to become the main focus rather than the finish. It also adds a layer of sophistication and simplicity to a space. I also love the beautiful contrast they create with metallic fixtures."

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