Let’s get the Illawarra’s biggest Wiggles fan a starring role

Greg Silva could be the Illawarra's biggest Wiggles fan. Picture: Adam McLean
Greg Silva could be the Illawarra's biggest Wiggles fan. Picture: Adam McLean

Meet Greg Silva from Barrack Heights. The bright, bubbly young man is possibly the Illawarra’s biggest Wiggles fan and his brother wants the world to know it.

The 23-year-old was born with tuberous sclerosis, a complex genetic disorder which is believed to be the cause of his intellectual disability and his epilepsy.

Over the past decade Greg’s older brother Michael has made an effort to take his much loved sibling to as many Wiggles concerts as he could, including last Thursday’s concert at the WIN Entertainment Centre where Greg managed to get a photo with the stars. So far he’s been to nearly 50 shows.

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“I want to do as much as I can for him until I can’t, until his body just can’t anymore … I love seeing him happy,” Mr Silva said. “He’s very bright, he loves giving people high-fives … he’s just a beautiful natured kid and wants everyone to be his best friend.”

Up until three years ago Greg was cared for by his parents but after his father died of cancer he needed to move into alternative care.

“It’s still something he struggles with every single day, he finds it really hard to comprehend,” Mr Silva said.

As their father’s death is still a tough subject Mr Silva has an idea that may brighten the spirits of his brother, by campaigning to get him in the next Wiggles DVD.

He’s begun a Facebook page (“Let’s get Greg Silva onto a Wiggles DVD in 2018”) in the hope that the attention will create a stir and perhaps the colourful characters will take notice and grant this wish for his brother, which he thinks would leave his brother speechless with joy.

Mr Silva hopes to get the Illawarra’s support and get as many Facebook likes on the page as possible.