Letters to the editor December 20 2017

It’s time to evolve

Certainly Adrian Devlin must deny evolution just as he does climate change.

According to Christians, God created the earth and universe in seven days and looked at himself in a mirror to decide what earths inhabitants should look like. He also buried all those fake fossils to fool all those whose faith wasn't strong enough to believe the "true" story.

Civilizations have had their own  beliefs since the earliest Homo species (sorry Adrian, I know you don't like the term homo) evolved.

And that's just what happened. We evolved from earlier primates. So to say that God created us in his image is totally ludicrous.  You used the same fallacy in your arguments against same sex marriage, and you lost that battle rather badly. Time to join the rest of us in the 21st century.

William Bielefeldt, Kembla Grange

No job but still fighting

I so agree with Andrew Sefton's letter in the Illawarra Mercury, December 14. It has been a depressing twenty seven years, forced out of rental market on lower north shore in Sydney, moved to a regional town where job market was good for the first ten years then there were very competition for jobs.

Jobs that I was applying for were given to new internals from India.

I guess employers wanted to help them give them a boost but for me it was detrimental, falling into a deep depression. I had attained two TAFE certifications in Administration & Business III and Aged Care Certificate III.

I have been unemployed since 2008 and have recently moved to Wollongong I am doing another Administration Course at Wollongong TAFE  in February 2018 in the hope to get a part-time or full-time job, aged 57 it seems impossible. I can't give up hope and remain positive.

Gail Callaghan, Fernhill

What on earth is next?

Full bloom: Margaret Johnston's spring time treasures. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Full bloom: Margaret Johnston's spring time treasures. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Walking through Crown Street mall I so much wanted to take a photo of the palm tree having intercourse with the sandstone but felt it would be offensive to post but my words don't leave much to the imagination! What will Art think of next to shock us?

Gail Callaghan, Fernhill

Recycling plan downside

Ever since we were issued with a recycling bin our cans and  bottles have gone into it to be recycled. With this new scheme we're expected to keep these items at home until we can take them the three or four kilometres to a recycling station, all the while dealing with the smell and the cockroaches caused.

I was going to continue as before until I learned that Wollongong Council is doing a deal with the recycling company to make money from them. I now will crush the cans and remove the labels from the bottles so that there is no barcode to validate them before placing them in our garbage bin to go to landfill. Well done Gladys, that'll be good for the environment.

Keith Norris, Bellambi

Education concerns 

If you look at any students educational development over 12 years of schooling you can see that they go through many changes. NAPLAN testing accompanies these stages and whilst allegedly being a "snapshot" of a students learning they are basically stand alone tests that have no real value.

I know because I taught in Primary schools for 38 years and at one school I was placed on either Year 3 or Year 5 alternate years because I got good NAPLAN results.

Realistically NAPLAN tests should add 50 per cent to any HSC score because they are part of a students progress over 12 years not 2 years that the HSC requires.

Hopefully this years HSC genuii  (I think that's the plural of genius) will be able to get through their double degrees and enormous HECS bills and add some value to our country's progress.

Tom Wren, Mangerton