How to prepare for Christmas

The true purpose: Jesus’ profound mission was to make plain our spiritual nature as “the children of God".
The true purpose: Jesus’ profound mission was to make plain our spiritual nature as “the children of God".

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The true meaning of Christmas can be applied even to holiday travel hassles!

Most of us will be travelling during the Christmas holidays, even if we’re simply driving to the local mall or travelling further afield, we’re affected by the actions of others.

Although travel can be frustrating at times, I’m finding there are always affirmative things to notice as we go: the excited faces of children, the courtesy of others, the patience of parents and travel staff.

The presence of good in human affairs is not something that happens by mere accident, in a universe of chance. It is actually evidence that the underlying power that governs the universe is Love.

The birth of Jesus Christ illustrates perfectly that power. Despite threat of harm by King Herod, divine Love (God) provided for the travellers and the ensuing birth with comfort and care in a very safe and private place.

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Jesus’ profound mission was to make plain our spiritual nature as “the children of God”. So, whenever we glimpse our true nature, we have felt the Christ – “the divine message from God to men…” – as spiritual thought-leader Mary Baker Eddy defines the Christ in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

That voice speaks to everyone, and at all times of the year. When we have done the right thing instead of the wrong, we have been directed by the Christ. When we have been patient instead of irritable, we have conceded to the Christ. When we have made a sound choice among tempting options we have listened to the Christ and we have seen the true love that’s Christianity in action.

During the Christmas season many of us revisit the life of Jesus, who so perfectly demonstrated this power of the Christ to bring out harmony in our lives. Today, more and more people are recognising that his life, although unique and especially blessed, points to a way of living and thinking that’s actually available to each of us.

Indeed, seeing beyond the limits of nationalism and religiosity to the universal Christ is at the heart of Christianity. Truly supranational, the message of the Christ in Jesus’ words was to be “of one mind,” “love your enemies,” “bless them that curse you,” and realise “the kingdom of God is within you” and within all.  

From this viewpoint, we can claim that spiritual nature Jesus showed us as our own true nature, and that of every man, woman and child that we meet in our travels this Christmas.

There’s actually no secret to hassle-free travel. It may largely depend on how we think of ourselves and others, year round.

Kay Stroud writes on the connection between consciousness, spirituality and health, and trends in that field. She practises Christian Science healing and is the Committee on Publication spokesperson for Christian Science in this area.

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