Message by Bishop Peter Hayward, Anglican Church Centre

Bishop Peter Hayward.

Bishop Peter Hayward.

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Christmas is upon us and it is time to celebrate.

Nothing lifts our heart like the moment we are swept up by the joy of a spontaneous celebration. Recall what it was like when your favourite sporting team won a major event. Suddenly you are part of a shared moment and you are overwhelmed by joy so you’re not going to keep it all to yourself. When you are that happy you cannot keep quiet.

Other celebrations, such as a birthday or anniversary, are carefully planned but they also have same effect. We are glad to be there and share the occasion with others we know. We are inwardly warmed by our shared experience.

Christmas Day was set aside as a holiday so that freed from the normal responsibilities of work, family and friends we could have the opportunity to come together and celebrate.

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When Jesus was born the announcement was made by the angel to a few hired workers doing the night shift guarding sheep, “I bring you good news of great joy. It is a boy and he is the Messiah.” From that moment on, Jesus’ birth became a celebration day.

Overwhelming good news that God had sent his son as the saviour of the world. Over the centuries the nature of the celebration has changed. Around 300 years ago the Christmas Day celebration was more like a community street party.

Each of you will have your own way of celebrating the day. But remember, all the joy and good cheer was always about the birth of a boy who was King. Jesus the Saviour.

Bishop Peter Hayward, Anglican Church Centre

Overwhelming good news that God had sent his son as the saviour for the world

Bishop Peter Hayward