Letters to the editor December 23 2017

Human eye more complex

Reply to the letter by William Bielefeldt, "IT'S TIME TO EVOLVE" Mercury, Wednesday December 20, 2017.

What an entertaining and funny person!

Mr Bielelfeldt denies his own existance, because he refuses to believe a Creator-God, exists.

William should consider, stand up comedy.

The computer chip, which runs a computer, is a little wafer of silicon that has a marvelously intricate connection of parts, all a fraction of an inch in size.

It has been designed and created.

I do not know any evolutionists who claim that any particular computer chip was formed by a series of accidents of fire, water, gravity, sparks and so on.

So there is no doubt even among the most doctrinaire evolutionists that silicon chips were designed and created by a higher intelligence.

On the other hand the human eye is far more complex than any computer chip.

The tiny retina contains about 130 million rod-shaped cells, which detect light intensity and transmit impulses to the visual cortex of the brain by means of some one million nerve fibres, while nearly six million cone-shaped cells do the same job, but respond specifically to colour variation.

The eyes are kept clean by ducts producing just the right amount of fluid with which the lids clean both eyes simultaneously in one five-thousandth of a second.

This clearly indicates the eye was so well designed, and so complicated, that it could not have happened by accident, as evolution teaches.

The human eye is a truly amazing phenomenon.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow

Amalgamation was the way 

Anyone doubting why local councils should have amalgamated need only deal with the general incompetence and insensitivity of bureaucrats within Shellharbour City Council to see why the region could be so better served.

In attempting to garner an explanation of a Shellharbour Council bureaucrat today as to why a private certifier signed off on the 7-Eleven garage at Albion Park Rail DA without enforcing the requirement that trucks were not to park along the highway was met with indifference and buck-passing.

When I pointed out the obvious hazard that exists whereby residents must reverse onto a two-lane highway with their vision obscured by huge semi-trailers and asked him who would be responsible if a death occurred, he replied that would be a matter for the courts.

In other words, too bad.

It's almost Christmas and I could care less.

Don Tate, Albion Park Rail

Mall an embarrassment

This latest so called art work in our Mall, is an embarrassment.

The huge sandstone rocks are classing with the pavement and all other surrounds that are there.

We have to admit that this was a mistake, and  it should be removed, no matter at what cost.

Take it to a park somewhere, where it might look more natural and that  hanging palm tree on that pole, defies description.

Of all the cities  I have visited, this is now the most ugly Mall  I have ever seen, it looks like it got hit by a giant tsunami leaving huge pieces of debris, and there is not a shred of artistic merit in it.

Do the right thing Wollongong Council, and get rid of it.

John Pronk, Wollongong

Don’t forget three C’s

Oh Adrian may your god save us from his followers.The C in christian can be extended to CCC which is criticize condemn complain. Unfortunately god botherers forget the 3 C's at their peril.

Ken Mc Dougall, Bulli.

Serenity: Autumn at North Beach by Russel. Send us your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Serenity: Autumn at North Beach by Russel. Send us your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.