Dylan Roberts arrested, refused bail after failing to report to police for two months

A Bulli man wanted on an outstanding warrant for drug offences vaulted two fences and hid in a garden bed when police tried to arrest him on Saturday afternoon, a court has heard.

Dylan Roberts did his best to evade police capture when officers turned up at a Luxor Street home just before 6pm after receiving a tip-off that he was at the premises.

Roberts had been on bail since his arrest in July on drug offences, but had allegedly failed to report to police as per his bail conditions for almost two months.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on December 12 after police had been unable to track him down.

Documents tendered to Wollongong Local Court on Sunday said officers who attended the house saw Roberts standing about a metre inside the screen door when they approached the premises.

When they asked him to come outside, he allegedly responded “just a second, I need to talk to someone”.

However, police allege Roberts then bolted through the kitchen and out of a house through a side door, which he slammed shut on pursuing police.

Roberts then allegedly jumped a side fence into the grounds of the Bulli football oval before running across the oval and vaulting a second fence, this one lined with barbed wire, into Abelia Terrace.

He continued to run into Tulip Avenue and took refuge in a garden bed, however was forced to reveal his hiding place when confronted by the owners of the house.

Roberts ran from the property, revealing his position to pursuing police, who chased him back into Abelia Terrace.

A constable eventually caught up with Roberts and tackled him to the ground before restraining him with handcuffs.

The court heard Roberts was seen to discard a number of items from his pockets as he ran from police.

In court on Sunday, Registrar Nicole Hoffman refused to release Roberts on bail despite his promise to comply with any conditions imposed by the court.

Roberts’ case will return to court on January 8.