Wollongong band Walk With Kings release new single, announce first gig

Walk With Kings. Nick Whiting is pictured on the far left.
Walk With Kings. Nick Whiting is pictured on the far left.

Nick Whiting, lead guitarist for Wollongong metal band Walk With Kings is preparing to play his first-ever gig - at age 39. 

The band will make its live debut at Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong on February 23.

“We're just kind of starting out; the band’s probably two-and-a-bit years old at the moment,” Oak Flats resident Whiting said.

“I’ve never been in a band (beforehand); I’ve just played guitar in my bedroom my whole life.

“So this is just something cool I thought we could probably do before I get too old, and I found a couple of mates of mine who were sort of on the same page. 

“(The prospect of the first gig) is a little bit daunting, but I've got the boys on-side with me, so it should be good.”

Walk With Kings recently released their single A Conscience Is A Curse, as well as a couple of bonus tracks, Into The Night and Inside Your Mind.

The tracks are available via platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and Google Play. 

The track is accompanied by a video which is available to view on the band’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

“We just wanted something for people to look at basically when we put out these songs, and we probably chose the most catchy song out of the three that we were going to release,” Whiting said.

“I put together some footage of us playing with a little bit of cool imagery in the background.”

Walk With Kings previously spent about 18 months writing original songs and rehearsing, though they were missing one vital ingredient - a singer.

The band recorded some material featuring guest vocalists and released them for free online. 

However, the guitarist said the new single “is our first official release as a complete band”, following the recruitment of vocalist Aaron Murphy in 2017. 

“Our music is pretty diverse - we don’t like to be classified as any particular genre,” Whiting said.

“But we’re definitely metal. There’s a wide variety of influences that come into play with our style of music as well. 

“There’s a bunch of different things, from old school heavy rock all the way to today’s djent style, or whatever the kids call it these days.

“It varies from song to song; we just play whatever we think sounds cool.”

Walk With Kings have also issued a call-to-arms for any interested drummers who may like to join the band.

Interested drummers can contact them via their Facebook page.