Letters to the editor January 3, 2018

Rail system in disarray 

If indeed anyone will admit to being responsible for the operation of the NSW rail system, their complete lack of organisational skills was on display on Saturday the 9th of December last!

With track work being undertaken North of Wollongong; coaches were used for passengers desiring to travel to Sydney.

Those passengers on the 10.45 am “express” coach to Central; arrived at that destination at around 2.pm.

This was due to traffic gridlock on Southern Cross Drive, the Princes Highway and Mascot Road. On arrival at the Central Ramp the “express” coach could not access it for almost 20 minutes as the ramp was completely blocked by other coaches.

As a consequence, airline passengers on the “express” coach missed flights; others, rail connections and medical appointments.

One can only wonder what “genius” allowed this avoidable chaos to continue?

Why were the coaches not organised to unload their passengers at Sutherland in the first place? Even at weekends there is an almost constant service to Sydney through Sutherland all of which stop at Wolli Creek.

Using Sutherland would have reduced the time and fuel cost of the coaches while enabling rail passengers to arrive on time at their desired location.  

Barry Swan, Balgownie

Understanding changes

The Illawarra is fortunate to have the infallible pronouncements of Adrian VII ranging from climate change, assisted dying, same sex marriage and even whether one local MP will make it to heaven. [Adrian Devlin Mercury 19 Dec].

He assures us that the Commandants do not change and God does not change. I regrettably do not have such access to the mind of God, but even if God does not change I note that people’s understanding of his laws do change.

Kings David and Solomon had multiple wives. The Bible condemns homosexuality [Leviticus 18.22]. It also supports slavery, [Leviticus. 25.44], selling your daughter into slavery [Exodus 21.7], killing those breaking the Sabbath [Exodus 35.2], animal and human sacrifices [Leviticus 1.9, Genesis 22.2], wiping out whole peoples. [I Samuel 15 3].

The taking of usury was once banned by the Church. Now it is the basis of our economy. And slavery was once allowed in the Bible but is now abolished. Does Adrian VII support the new or the old view on all these issues?

David Goss, Woonona

Serenity: Fourth tee at Calderwood Valley Golf Course. By Neil Burke. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Serenity: Fourth tee at Calderwood Valley Golf Course. By Neil Burke. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

More things in heaven

Adrian Devlin states that God made man in his own image (Mercury 12th December).

Man comes in many forms, with  varying skin colour, facial features and stature which are largely typical of the characteristics of his race. Which man is it that reveals the image of God? Is it the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)? Perhaps Mr Devlin would prefer the WICH (White Irish Catholic Heterosexual). Is it the man (or woman) of European, Asian or African  appearance?  Australian Aboriginal? Native American Indian? Maori? Prehistoric human?

If there is a representative image I think it would be Jewish because since Old Testament times the Jewish race has been known as “Gods’s chosen people”, and Jesus was born a Jew. But we limit God if we give him form to suit our own ideas.

Is it not possible that God, who I believe is spiritual not physical, is all these entities, just as our bodies are made up of millions of cells, similar in structure but adapted for different functions? Our minds, highly developed though they are, are not capable of comprehending the complexities of the nature of God.

We are still struggling to understand the vastness of the newly known and yet to be discovered universe. To quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Barbara Sawtell, Oak Flats