Mercury letters to the editor, January 4, 2018.

No more chances

Question: Why do we have demerit points.

Here's an idea.

 If someone is booked for speeding or using their mobile phone then they lose their licence for one year.

Having demerit points just means that even though you have broken the road rules you can have another chance.

If demerit points didn't exist and the sheer thought of loosing your licence on the spot then just maybe all those stupid people out there might think twice about doing the speed limit and staying off their phones.

Kerrie O'Brien, Bomaderry

Diverting attention from the real issue

Time politicians focused on getting this country back on its feet, better money and be if it’s for pensioners less money given away in aid overseas and more apprenticeships for OUR teens.

Stop trying to divert away from the real issues.

Peter Tornaros, Oak Flats

Stop lining your pockets 

New Years Wish.

That our politicians forfeit their exorbitant pension scheme and start to work for the people and stop lining their own pockets.

Was an honourable position in the past, do something to win our trust back.

Peter Tornaros, Oak Flats

What a waste

Why is it Wollongong hospital constantly empties its day old premium sandwiches into the waste bin.

Surely arrangement could be made for local charities to pick up and feed those less fortunate, sorry pretty disgusted as I witnessed.

Ten lots from ONE fridge being binned

Peter Tornaros, Oak Flats

Who is responsible?

I refer to the Estate in Russell Vale on the corner of the Princess Highway and Keerong Avenue.

How long do the residence have to put up with this unkept overgrown area with black plastic hanging from fences and unmaintained and dangerous foot paths.

What is the State and Federal members doing about this?

What is the Councillors and Council Officers doing about this?

Who is responsible for this mess?

Maybe these public officials should get a job they can handle.

What they drive past is what they accept.

Just not good enough.

Graham Fish, Russell Vale

Usual suspects

Having been a regular contributor to the Opinion Page of the Illawarra Mercury and also being privileged on many occasions, to have my opinions published; it was disappointing to note the Mercury saw value to its readers in publishing on Monday January 1st 2018, the contribution ‘Tipping the balance’.

Publishing ‘Tipping the balance’ enabled the “usual suspect”, (another known regular contributor to the Mercury Opinions Page); to continue his tiresome religious, ideological, homophobic and racially divisive ranting.

Reasonable people understand and accept that to freely hold and to express an opinion is paramount to upholding the principles of democracy.

However, with the democratic right to hold and express an opinion comes an obligation to do so in reasoned and respectful manner.

It would appear that on the many occasions I have sought to have my opinions successfully published in the Illawarra Mercury they have passed those editorial tests.

Thus I am concerned to note that with the publishing of ‘Tipping the balance’, the Mercury’s reasonable for publication measure; appears to have been lowered!  

Barry Swan, Balgownie

Sun kissed: Sensational sunflower by Margaret Johnston. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.

Sun kissed: Sensational sunflower by Margaret Johnston. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.