Mercury letters to the editor, January 5, 2018.

Is it just sour grapes?

Look Adrian, I doubt that many people knew or cared that same sex marriage became law on one of virgin Marys feast days, and more than 60 per cent of  the Australian public did not think that this was " an evil, harmful and sinful act".

I'm pretty sure that I have read statistics that place the gay population at around 10 per cent not 2 per cent, so if you could provide a reputable source for your figure I'd appreciate it.

To me, it just sounds like sour grapes on your part, and you seem to be about the only reader of the Mercury with these fanatical views. Just suck it up, Adrian, and accept what the majority of Australians agreed to.

Same sex marriage has nothing to do with religion. It's all about equality.

William Bielfefeldt, Kembla Grange

Proud of my Atheism

Thankfully I voted on principle not bias against same sex marriage.

Bordering on lunacy Adrian Devlin condones his non existent gods proclivity to murder yes voters. This is consistent with biblical atrocities by the imaginary friend of Devlin in the book of myths.

Perhaps he did not hear Pope Francis confirm the above societal level of homosexuality in church ranks.

Get some help Adrian because religious repression has you dangerously ill.

Your bigotry is symptomatic of religious fanaticism that has caused the wholesale slaughter of fellow humans.

Never have I been prouder of my Atheism than when i see this absurd mania verbalised by a fanatic. Do not worry about an afterlife as you are dead in this one!

Max Perram, Wollongong

No moral ground 

As Mr Devlin points out in his letter Mercury Tuesday 2nd January, Persicution Coming, the Christian “God” is an unforgiving, persecuting, border line psychopath, threatening vengeance against those who dare to live outside his/her dogma.

Considering the abhorrent behaviour by the so called ‘Men of the Cloth’ towards innocent children & the equally abhorrent behaviour of the Church in covering up these crimes, it is plain to see that the Christian faith/Church has no moral ground to inflict morality on anyone.

And as most of these offences were committed by males against boys it makes a mockery of the Churches resistance to same sex marriage.

Any other organisation guilty of these crimes would & should be shut down & its assets divided amongst the victims.

Dave Schmidt, Towradgi

Bird's eye view: Emerging cicada by Kathy Mitchell. Send us your photos to or post to our facebook page.

Bird's eye view: Emerging cicada by Kathy Mitchell. Send us your photos to or post to our facebook page.

Year of equal pay

The Greatest Trade Union Leader in Wollongong's History was the Late Merv Nixon.

He told me Never to let management set the agenda for any negotiations, because the minute you concede your advantage to them, you may just as well go home. Thankfully 2018 will be the last year for Labor Leader, Bill Shorten.

Bill lets Malcom Turnbull and the Governments under-achievers ride roughshod over Labor at every wasted opportunity in Question Time.

Honestly Bill, I did better as a first term Trade Union Shop Steward than you are doing as the Nations Labor Leader.

When asked what they want for 2018, EVERY LOCAL POLITICIAN failed to mention Poverty, Mortgage Stress, Homelessness, Starvation, and Equal Pay for our Female Australian Workers, They even let the likes of IKEA and APPLE off the hook for paying no Tax.

Equal Pay is in fact the easiest thing to achieve, If every Female Australian Worker went on strike for just 4 days, there would be equal pay for all on Day 5.

All our Women are being cheated out of fair pay by Turnbull, because their business mates do not care one iota about their workers. Make 2018 is the Year of Equal Pay.

David Cox, Corrimal