Letters to the editor, January 6, 2018.

Listen to Lennon’s Imagine 

The editorial comments in the Illawarra Mercury should be given up to Adrian Devlin.

This fellow seems to have nothing better to do with his time than to write (almost non stop ) to the opinion page.

I for one am tired of his partisan views and his right wing sectarian ramblings in which any view of balance is reducted to non compliance of fair mindedness.

Perhaps he should sit  down and listen to  IMAGINE by JOHN LENNON.

More than once I might add, however I think the theme of this wonderful song would be lost on his closed mind .

Dennis Robson, Dapto

Shaking my head

I was amazed as I watched a teenage girl fill a handbag full of clothing at Kmart recently.

I asked her if she was stealing and she just said nothing and walked very quickly out of the store.

I told a Kmart employee what had just happened, and she said they could not do anything as they had not witnessed the theft.

I also spoke to a security guard at the shopping centre and he said that there is nothing they can do, as most of the people doing this are underage and they know what they can get away with.

I just walked away shaking my head, unbelievable.

Robyn Walton, Shell Cove

Crackes on Christmas eve?

Okay I love a good fireworks display the same as the next bloke.  But Crackers on Christmas Eve.

Bloody hell.

Which Sherlock decided to give someone the permission to set off fireworks at friggin ten thirty when the kids are in that most volatile state.

Any sudden noise and they're up for hours.  I mean its Christmas eve.

 Ten thirty is when most parents have a crack at wrapping presents, instead it's spending the next twenty minutes telling little Johnny or Sarah 'No that was not Santa's reindeers landing on our roof'.

Thank you so much Cracker night people.

Thank you for stiffing me again this year cause I distinctly remember you stiffed me last year too.

And I should add - Did you know fireworks at 10:30 pm can wake every child under ten within a ten mile radius.  So double points.

Patrick Gamble, Figtree

It's coming: Storm watching by Arthur Booth. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

It's coming: Storm watching by Arthur Booth. Send us your photos to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Inform the public first

No Ms Plibersek (Turnbull critics going postal) inform the Australian public first about what type of presidential model Labor and the Australian Republican Movement (A.R.M.) has in mind.

Particularly at the same time as it puts a simple  proposition to the nation about severing ties with the monarchy.

Deferring the type and model of presidential selection arrangements to after a ‘simple proposition’ is put to all Australians is the precise reason why then deceptive Labor and the A.R.M. were appropriately caught red-handed, and the Referendum collapsed.

Treating Australians as fools and mugs will again be Labor and the A.R.M.’s Achilles Heel’!

D J Preece, Wollongong

Car park plan will bite back

The short term thinking to hive off Stuart park to a commercial operator bites back now and into the future.

Spending rate payers money on pie in the sky multi storey car parks is just as stupid.

Simple, when car parks are full and policed,they go elsewhere, fix our flooding, footpaths and stop wasting money till all what you should do is done.

Here is an idea, clear out Puckeys mess!

What was that song?

Ken Mc Dougall, Bulli