Operation Ouch! stars Dr Chris and Dr Xand pulled out all the tricks for Wollongong

Bodily functions and icky experiments captivated thousands of young minds – and those of parents – when two British doctors pulled out their rubber gloves at the WIN Entertainment Centre on Wednesday.

Taking time out from serious medical research, Dr Xand van Tulleken and his identical twin brother Dr Chris brought their award-winning television show to the stage – the first time for Wollongong.

The pair aim to teach children about how the human body functions through slapstick comedy and stomach-churning experiments like pumping blood through a cow’s heart, making a poo machine and maggots eating rotting flesh as seen in Wollongong.

Dr van Tulleken previously told the Illawarra Mercury they don’t like to incorporate too much “eat your greens” as he doesn’t believe kids should be specifically told what is good or bad for them, but to be subtle like showing them what too much sugar can do to the body.

He said the best piece of medical advice he’d ever been given was from a professor of nutrition who believed if you could tell the world one thing it should be children should only ever drink milk or water.

“If you just got every child in Australia to do that you would fix a huge amount of adult and child health,” Dr van Tulleken said.