Woman injured in ugly Balgownie bag snatch bid

Balmoral St.
Balmoral St.

A man is accused of dragging a woman across concrete, leaving her covered in grazes, with a torn dress, in a violent failed robbery at Balgownie. 

The woman had parked outside her Balmoral Street home about 7.45pm on Sunday, and was carrying boxes and shopping when a man came at her.

With his face concealed, he told her, “give me your bag, give me your bag”. 

Police say the woman was terrified but tightened her grip on the bag, setting off an ugly struggle. 

She suffered grazes to her legs and arms as she was pulled and spun around on her back. Her dress was completely torn down the right side. 

Screaming for her husband, she still refused to let go. 

A neighbour heard the woman’s cries and ran to help her. 

He kneed the thief in the ribs but backed away, worried for his own safety, when he saw a large sheathed knife sticking out of the man’s pants. 

Police allege it was 22-year-old East Corrimal man Ronald Ivan Reid behind the hooded shirt.

He allegedly held a red shirt to cover his mouth area before making demands of the woman. 

Reid was refused bail in Wollongong Local Court on Monday after a magistrate considered the police account of events.

Police say the woman got up and stumbled forward in pain, as Reid jumped a retaining wall, ran up the road and got into the back seat of a waiting car. 

Police later searched the area and found the finger of a clear plastic glove. 

They allege the rest of the glove was found in the garbage at a Corrimal Street Wollongong address, where Reid was staying with two associates. 

The two allegedly told police Reid had been their passenger, but said they were unaware of his alleged offending in the moments before he got back in the car. 

Police allegedly recovered a sheathed machete from the home’s living room. 

When searching Reid, they also allegedly found seven coins, which he admitted he took from the cash till of a bus driver in Wollongong earlier in the day. 

“He was being a smart arse so I stole his change,” he allegedly said. 

Asked if he has also thrown the man’s cash till at him, hitting him in the arm, he allegedly replied, “well, yeah”. 

Police allege Reid grabbed the coins as he went to get off the bus, then lashed out with the till after the driver took his photo.  

He faces charges of larceny, common assault and attempted robbery

The matter will return to Wollongong Local Court on March 7.