Two arrests in Dapto as one police pursuit leads to another

Police have arrested two people allegedly involved in a pursuit in the Dapto area, Thursday morning. 

The Polair chopper, already in the area for an earlier, separate pursuit from Picton Road to Jamberoo, was among a large amount of police resources re-directed into the Dapto chase.

Sergeant Nicholas Park, Lake Illawarra Highway Patrol supervisor, said the male driver involved in the Dapto chase failed to comply with a police direction to stop in the Avondale Road area about 8.40am. 

The car took off with a female passenger, he said. 

“Police were conducting an investigation into another incident and they came under police notice. I can’t really go into it more than that at this stage,” he said. 

Police abandoned the chase on Fowlers Road a short time later, when the driver alleged made unsafe manoeuvres that caused police to fear for public safety. 

Police formed a perimetre. The car was later found abandoned in a nearby backstreet. 

With assistance from Polair and the dog unit, police arrested a male and female at Mount Brown Reserve later Thursday. 

A Compton Street, Dapto resident said she heard the alleged chase as it continued westward past her home. 

“The sound of the car was a whooosh – like a revved-up car going way too fast,” said the resident, who did not want to be identified. 

“I went outside but the car was long gone. You could tell Polair was chasing the car as it was so low.” 

Police continue to hunt the driver of a white Commodore who failed to stop on Picton Road about 6.45am. 

That pursuit was terminated a short time later as the Commodore continued at speed onto the Princes Higwhay. 

The car was found abandoned, crashed into a pole on Jamberoo Road about 7am. 

Several streets were closed, including an estimated 4km stretch of Jamberoo Road between Mt Terry School Public School at Albion Park and Jamberoo Action Park, as police mounted their search.

Police searched neighbouring properties and advised residents to stay inside and lock their doors. 

Sgt Park said that advice was given because the police dog was at work in the area. 

“We have no concerns for public safety at this stage,” he said.