Letters to the editor March 1 2018

FEATHERED FRIEND: King parrot by Colin and Melissa Markham. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
FEATHERED FRIEND: King parrot by Colin and Melissa Markham. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


I read with some interest and melancholy thoughts about the article on the Shellharbour Marina. Wonderful that it's finally coming to fruition.  I wonder how many people remember how it all started, would you believe, in 1986, 32 long years ago. It was the brainchild of a young independent alderman on a left wing dominated council.

His name was John McKenna. I also wonder how many remember how controversial it was.  He received minimal support from other councillors at the time and started generating some publicity.

My memory is a bit vague on how but my memory is clear about his approach to myself and my brother Dennis, we were local businessman at the time and John asked us to get involved with a few other business people to begin a 'Support Shellharbour Marina' committee. This we did and we all  contributed some money for mainly car window stickers which were distributed to cars in shopping centre car parks.

John McKenna's main motivation was employment opportunities. Unemployment numbers for the district were sky high.  John didn't own a boat. The local greenies did a great job in publicizing there vehement opposition to the marina because the area was a wetland.

It was also quite small and previously a council tip. Council later more than made up for the loss of the wetlands by creating Dunmore lakes.

At the time I was Vice Commodore of the Wollongong Yacht Club which was supportive of the Marina. I remember speaking in support of the project at a very crowded and noisy council meeting, the greenies where out in force.

Later the council voted by a slim majority to approve the marina and to develop surrounding council land to finance it.  Council at the time seemed to give it a low priority and from memory it seems nothing much happened over the next 10-15 years, I believe because council made some poor deals with developers.  So, congratulations to Shellharbour council and all those who contributed, including John McKenna if he's still around.

Rod Lynch, Balgownie


My family have been asked to take me to Bega hospital in the event of illness free TV and no extra charge if you have private health cover.

Also a fabulous view, caring and dedicated staff and accommodation for family. Can you spot the difference compared to hospitals in the Illawarra. Is it because Andrew Constance is the local member?

Robert Smith, Austinmeer


Luke Menzel (Illawarra Mercury, February 26, 2018) recommends getting rid of your old, inefficient fridge and replacing it with one which has a four star efficiency rating.  

Consumers should be aware, though, that the energy rating only compares fridges of a similar size. If you are comparing fridges of different sizes, you need to look at their energy consumption figures to find out how much electricity each fridge will use.

You may find that a smaller fridge with a two-star rating uses less electricity per year than a larger fridge with a four-star rating.  Choosing the smaller, less-efficient refrigerator over the larger one may help you save more money on electricity.

Bronwyn Bryceson, Mangerton


Thank you Anthony Jones (Urban Art) for your unselfish vision on creating the incredible wall Mural at Dapto over 300 square meters - completed over nine long days entirely by yourself.

Thank you to Dapto Rotarians and Wollongong City Council in supporting our requests and allowing this to happen. Also, thank you to the Illawarra Mercury journalists for supporting this project and allowing it to happen.

Mick Chamberlain, Dapto Rotary


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