Letters for March 3 2018

HARD ROCK: Bombo quarry by Anita Pallas. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.
HARD ROCK: Bombo quarry by Anita Pallas. Send your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.


With Barnaby Joyce declaring at the weekend he will “fall on his sword” come Monday the sincerity of the Labor Party politicians will be put to the test.

During the last few weeks of the Joyce issue Labor quite rightly avoided the personal aspects of the issue and, instead zeroed in upon the questions as to the possible use of public funds by Joyce during his extra-marital affair.

This and the the possibility of nepotism involving his partner receiving highly paid employment in positions seemingly created to suit the situation Joyce’s staffer found herself in.

Both of these issues go to the possible abuse of position and power and Australian taxpayer’s money.

Hopefully, the Labor Party will continue to pursue Joyce and his National Party supporters whom, prime facie, appear to have not only assisted Joyce to hide his indiscretions; but to have done so at a significant cost to the public purse.

Barry Swan, Balgownie


Just finished reading Mitch Jennings report on Mark Gasnier's take on the combo of Hunt and Widdop.

Dragons great Mark Gasnier says this, St George Illawarra great Mark Gasnier says this.

There has only been one Gasnier great and that was his uncle Reg, on and off the paddock.

Warren Fleming, Balgownie


So Trump's answer to the ongoing US school shootings is … more guns.

That's about as dumb as saying the Titanic would have had a better outcome if there were two icebergs out there.

Don Driscoll, Wollongong


Well done to Bissalloy Steel: Jobs, jobs, jobs.

To the protesters, get a job in the community and stop stifling growth in the Illawarra.

Your Centrelink payments are funded by tax paid by these companies and us as taxpayers.

Your negativity astounds me.

Peter Tornaros, Oak Flats


“That horrible thing that keeps happening” (Trump on TV). How can the president of any country speak of “that horrible thing that keeps happening” when he knows as all Americans do, it will happen again?

Surely the rest of the world must see these school slaughters as a result of archaic legislation that should have been changed decades ago.

Now with the deaths of 17 more, you would think the current President would allow the democratic majority to prevail if only to protect the children of this great country.

There is no reason big enough to ignore school children’s safety or that of fellow Americans. The US needs change to its radical gun laws!

Brian Johnson, Gymea


How ironic that one of the architects of Qantas's dismissal of 5000 staff four years ago, CEO Alan Joyce, is now being hailed by the Government as a champion of their Company tax reduction trickle down employment program.

Anything that makes business more viable is to be applauded but the inference that this action will lead to increased employment has little providence.

It would be more praiseworthy if Mr Joyce would forego a substantial amount of his obscene salary package (24.6 million in 2017) to enable the employment of some of our disenfranchised young people.  I won't hold my breath.

Eric Davies, Keiraville


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