Bungee jumping fitness class takes off in Wollongong

A gravity-defying exercise class taking the world by storm has hit Wollongong.

While bungee jumping has long been popular with thrill seekers, regular gym goers are now strapping in and flying high. 

On the surface it looks like a whole lot of fun but it's harder than it seems. There's a science to it and the format goes well beyond bouncing around.

The bungees allow people to perform manoeuvres they would not otherwise be able to execute, like one handed push-ups with their feet suspended in the air, or plunging to the floor.

The bungee class builds lean muscle while giving you a cardio blast with fast, explosive moves.

Originally from Thailand, the style of training is low impact, putting minimal stress on joints even in the landings. It allows people to jump, swing, leap and fly, with the support of a harness and bungee cord.

Well-known Illawarra boxing trainer and fitness coach Bill Corbett started researching the training style a few years ago before it caused a stir on social media. It’s shaping up to be the next big thing to hit the fitness scene. Corbett went to work sourcing equipment because he saw merit in the style of training.

“It’s becoming a popular exercise style across the USA and other countries. Classes are booked out weeks in advance,” Corbett said. “This is the first of its kind in the state. Even the fittest of people who’ve tried it say they haven’t experienced anything like it and they get a great workout.”

For classes and private bookings at Downtown Gym call Bill on 0402253596 or visit Bill Corbett Bungee and Boxing Fitness Facebook page.