Shane Brennan convicted on indecency charges after 'freebie' sex act on train caught on camera

A randy Wollongong train traveller caught engaging in a “free” sex act with a fellow passenger one day last December now has a lasting legacy of their time together – a criminal conviction.

Shane Laurence Brennan was riding the 9.56am service from Port Kembla on December 14 when he noticed a female passenger masturbating on one of the seats and approached her.

After a brief interaction, the woman began performing oral sex on Brennan.

He later told police he didn’t have to “pay for it”.

The entire incident was caught on the train’s closed circuit cameras.

Brennan returned to his seat as the train pulled into Wollongong Railway Station.

City Rail staff waiting on the station platform later told police they could see Brennan holding his exposed genitals from where they stood.

Staff subsequently entered Brennan’s carriage to discover a “large and disgusting” liquid mess on the floor.

They originally thought it was urine, however Brennan told them it was Cola from a bottle he was carrying.

“I wasn’t having a piss, I spilled my coke, go and have a look, it’s just coke,” he said to police who arrived on the scene a short time later.

However, when further questioned, Brennan admitted he had splashed the Cola over his genitals in a bid to “clean myself up” after the sexual activity.

”I got a blow job on the train and I was rinsing my c—k off,” he told officers.

Brennan was allowed to leave the location on the condition he not return for at least two hours.

Court documents said officers re-entered the station to ascertain further details when they came across the female with whom Brennan had had the sexual liaison as she exited the station.

The woman, who is well known to police, confirmed Brennan’s story.

He was subsequently issued with court attendance notices for offensive behaviour and obscene exposure.

It was not immediately clear in court documents whether the woman was also charged over the incident.

Brennan pleaded guilt to both offences in Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday, with his lawyer describing the incident as “opportunistic”.

“The facts speak for themselves...he took the opportunity that presented itself,” the solicitor said, also noting the incident had only been witnessed by a small number of people, despite time of day.

In convicting Brennan on both charges, Magistrate Mark Douglass said such behaviour would not be tolerated.

“There’s a line in relation to decency in our community and you have well and truly crossed it,” he said.

Brennan was ordered to pay a $700 fine and placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond as punishment.