UOW student carrying the Commonwealth Games education baton

Kate Stewart can’t wait to watch the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April.

And the University of Wollongong student hopes watching it will encourage her to get off the couch and become more active.

In the meantime she’s involved in a Commonwealth Games education project for Sydney-based STARStv.

The project, which encourages people of all ages to live healthy, active lives, ties in well with Miss Stewart’s Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, majoring in Public Health.

So on Monday Miss Stewart visited Woonona East Public School and Russell Vale Public School and attended their assemblies.

“I brought along with me a prototype of the 2006 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton,” she said.

“I passed the baton to the principal, who then proceeded to pass it around between the other teachers, symbolising the Baton Relay.

“I gave a brief speech about the history of the Commonwealth Games, and provided some fun facts for the kids.

“I tried to make it interactive, asking the kids questions and having them ask me questions at the end too.”

Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery also supported Miss Stewart’s project to encourage children to live healthy active lives.