Illawarra Mercury Letters to the Editor, April 12, 2018.

Trump’s master stroke

Response to the letter by Barry Swan, "ANYTHING TO DISTRACT" Mercury, Tuesday April 3, 2018. I draw Mr Swan's attention to the fact that despite his faults President Donald Trump is working for his nation and its people, unlike Barrack Obama who worked for the United Nations.

Trump's push for tariffs to protect local jobs and businesses in America is a master stroke, while the rest of the world including Australia are being deceived by this "free trade" agenda nonsense.

Trump's score card looks impressive; (1) Private sector job are up and unemployment is down. (2) The economy and share market are very positive. (3) Trump has cleaned the swamp while also dismantling red tape and regulations. (4) Trump is giving his country and its people hope for the future which is the opposite of what Prime Minister Turnbull is doing. (5) America has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and is supporting coal fired power stations.

So the current price of energy in the US is 9 cents per kilowatt hour, while mad green policies in Australia keep our energy prices at 35 cents per kilowatt hour.

Adrian Devlin, Fairy Meadow

Bulli students to reunite

Students who started 1st Form in 1968 at Bulli High School are invited to Celebrate our 50 Years Reunion on Sat 9th June 2018, from 3pm at Thirroul Bowling Club in the Function Room. Bring partner. Our teachers are invited. Courtesy bus provided.

Jeanette Lawler, Figtree

Mining soap opera

The article, Miner ‘can’t handle coal pollution; Mercury Friday April 6 is yet another episode in the soap opera of mismanagement we have come to expect from Indian owned coal mining operations in the Illawarra.

It would appear as far back as the Gujarat NRE experience: with its failure fail to pay the wages of the workforce, holding back payments to service providers for months on end and; ignoring environmental obligations, is an acceptable business norm in India.

One can only wonder why organisations with the ability and, more importantly, “the responsibility” to remedy such obvious breaches; failed to act on the Gujarat NRE issues and continue to “play doggo” with Wollongong Coal?

The issue present with ‘Miner ‘can’t handle coal pollution’ is simply further evidence of the commercial “train wreck” another Indian owned coal mining company; Wollongong Coal appears to be.

With the benefit of recent history; it will require much more than some level of public humiliation such as that featured in Friday’s Mercury, for Wollongong Coal to lift its game!

Unfortunately, to date the obvious entities with the responsibility to see this achieved; appear to be “still asleep at the wheel!

Barry Swan, Balgownie

Never about what’s best

My theory why an ignorant and arrogant front bench will not countenance a leadership challenge, but follow Turnbull over a ‘political cliff’: Aside from Turnbull digging into his own vast resources to prop up a party in 2016, the moderate ministers occupying the front bench are also beholding to the PM for their lucrative appointments.

They know a change of leadership to a PM exuding centre-right values will dispatch them to the back bench - severely denting their pay packets and ayouts. It will always be about income and power, never about what is best for our country.

Under this scenario the moderates will have to make a choice - support a challenge by a centre-right liberal that will inevitably dispatch the moderates to the back bench or support the status quo knowing the government will be turfed out next year. Expect a handful of by-elections affecting those fortunate enough to survive the wrath of an unforgiving electorate.

DJ Preece, Wollongong

Reader's delight: Wheels at sunset by Caroline Armitage. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.

Reader's delight: Wheels at sunset by Caroline Armitage. Send us your photos to or post to our Facebook page.