Jaye Pearson pleads guilty to assault charges over violent Shellharbour Club brawl

The attacker: Jaye Pearson. Source: Facebook

The attacker: Jaye Pearson. Source: Facebook

An Albion Park man who fractured a man’s eye socket during a brief yet vicious brawl inside the Shellharbour Club last September will learn his punishment later this month.

Jaye Pearson, 24, was at the club with a friend on September 28 last year when the pair began “annoying and bothering” a table of four males.

Court documents said tension between the two groups escalated to a point where Pearson jabbed one of the rival group in the shoulder then pushed him in the chest.

Witnesses tried to separate the two parties and Pearson and his friend were seen to walk towards the bistro area, however a further exchange of words prompted them to turn around and come back to the group.

Pearson’s friend then punched one of the men in the face, sparking an all-in brawl.

CCTV footage shows Pearson punch the 19-year-old victim up to six times in the face during the 30-second melee.

Both groups then went their separate ways, however the victim went to Shellharbour Hospital early the next morning, where it was discovered his left eye socket was fractured and he would require surgery.

Court documents said a subsequent consultation from a specialist eye doctor revealed the victim had ruptured one of the layers his eye ball near the optic nerve, causing a blindspot to form.

Pearson was arrested in October last year following a police investigation.

He was originally charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent however pleaded guilty in court on Wednesday to the lesser charge of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm in a deal with prosecutors.

He remains on bail and will be sentenced on April 24.