Illawarra Mercury Letters to the Editor, April 13, 2018.

Mayor’s take on city’s green focus

I was concerned to read comments in the Web Words section of the Mercury on 10 April 2018 which suggested that Wollongong City Council is reducing the amount of open green space across the City by selling off surplus public parks.

On the contrary, at a time of significant urban renewal and growth, we are planning to add more for the community to access and enjoy.

Our refreshed Community Strategic Plan Wollongong 2028 continues to focus on looking after our natural environment and we have strategies to make this happen.

In addition, in the Urban Release Area at West Dapto - the largest release in the State outside of Sydney’s growth centre - the community will be able access active and passive open space areas such as  pedestrian and cycle links, parks and playgrounds.

The total provision of open space proposed in West Dapto over time is 244 hectares.

Based on an estimated population for that area, this would equate to 3.9 hectares per 1000 people.

To the north of the City, Council supports the proposal to rezone the land at Illawarra Coke Works site at Corrimal.

There is a long way to go in the approval process for this development, however it has the potential to deliver approximately seven hectares of open space to be used by the community.

The surplus lands which Council recently agreed to sell had no playgrounds and were not being used by the public.

I note that these surplus lands are also close to extensive public open space which the community can access.

The Mercury’s suggestion (Tuesday 10 April 2018) that the Council is on a mission to sell off surplus public parks whilst allowing unchecked development is false.

Rather than creating unnecessary concern in the community about urban growth, I wish to point out that Council recently released its first Urban Greening Strategy for consultation.

Council has a greater focus on Urban Greening than ever before and this Strategy aims to strategically increase the quality and quantity of all vegetation and open green space on all land types in our City.

Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery AM

Green slip hidden costs

The NSW government proudly announces that 3.4 million motorists are eligible for a green slip refund in their television ad.

What they do not mention is the $10 fee associated with each refund so the government is ripping off the motorist to the tune of $34 million dollars to give you back the refund you are entitled to.

Ken Goodhew, Mount Warrigal

It’s just a game and life must go on 

After the demise of the  Australian cricket team, one has the right to feel sorry and ashamed for the sad way some of the team and their families have been treated by the cricket “tragics” of the world.

Let’s face it, cheating in some form or another has been going on throughout the world since the beginning of time.

Whether it be sport, governments, business, relationships or whatever.

And it will continue to do so.

In these days when everybody considers themselves an expert, it is easy to hide behind technology and point the finger, pretending that you have never cheated in some way or another.

Cricket is a game where you hit a ball with a piece of wood.

Whether it be a test match or in the backyard and the opportunity to cheat will always be there.

Is there not infinitely more important and urgent issues to attend to on the world stage?

Put it into perspective!

Life goes on!

Steven Thomas, Shellharbour

Reader's pick: Fishing in Bellambi lagoon, by Warren Gray. Send us your pictures to

Reader's pick: Fishing in Bellambi lagoon, by Warren Gray. Send us your pictures to