How Jo Mould went from a career in HR to start her own global health business that works with 3600 people around the world: Photos

Panelists: Susan Wallis, Jo Mould and Macinley Butson were part of a panel at the Inspire lunch at Shellharbour: Picture: Debbie Reali of DBR Photography.
Panelists: Susan Wallis, Jo Mould and Macinley Butson were part of a panel at the Inspire lunch at Shellharbour: Picture: Debbie Reali of DBR Photography.

Among many inspirational stories shared at the annual Inspire Women’s Lunch in Shellharbour a week ago was that of business coach and health and wellness mentor Jo Mould.

The Have to Have Health founder spoke of how she want from a career working for large companies in HR to starting a global business two years ago that now has 3600 people working with it.

After completing university in Auckland she went to London to live for three years before moving to Sydney where her parents had settled.

“I continued working in human resources but I just felt like something was missing. I studied HR because I wanted to help people. That has always been my driver from a business perspective. But I realised after a few years in HR you really don’t work for the people. You work for the company.”

In her 20’s Mrs Mould thought a lot about what she wanted to do with her life and did a Masters of Occupational Therapy.

“It was always with the intention that I would one day work in the corporate health sector,” she said.

When she met her husband Paul Mould, a personal trainer, they moved to Brisbane for a four years. Her sister Jenny had been living in Wollongong where she had newborn twins and when their brother died of Leukaemia at 34 Mrs Mould, who had a new baby herself, decided to move back to Sydney. A year later she moved to Wollongong and commuted for a while until she secured a national role as a general manager with a company that was happy for her to base herself at small office near home.

She started setting up Have to Have Health 2.5 years ago and nine months was ready to leave the corporate world and totally focus on her own business.

“Our passion is to help people to maximise their life through their health. I know that if I am in the best health I can be in then everything I touch is better. What we do is help people with their nutrition and we coach people through our health program. We use Isogenics products to do that. I have a team of 3600 people now in eight countries.”

Have to Have Health’s business model is network marketing. Mrs Mould has personally helped more than 120 people get healthy with her products and around 10 per cent of those people have gone on to build their own related businesses with no barriers to entry.

“Network marketing is an industry that is growing hugely. What motivates me every day when I wake up is I want to inspire someone to get their health back and live a better life. I also want to inspire people, particularly women, that they can actually change and create an incredible life for themself. They don’t necessarly need to employed by somebody else. Designing your own life. That is what I am very passionate about.”

Mrs Mould said her biggest challenge has been going from being an employee in a big company to running a business and working mostly by herself.

She has also had to curb her workaholic tendencies.

Mrs Mould offers her personal one-on-one service either in person or with video messaging.

“When we first started this business it was very much about the health. But as the business has grown and evolved what I have really learned is money and financial stress causes so much havoc to many people’s health. If you can have really no financial concerns then you actually just have better health all round.”