Letters to the Editor, April 17, 2018.

Medical staff a credit to their calling

I write to you in praise of Wollongong Public Hospital.

An ambulance took me there on Sunday night, unable to urinate or defecate. (The one all day, the other for several days.) Imagine!

Of course it's unimaginable. The horror and shock. The pain. But within hours I was normalised. No operation necessary.

Under-financed as the Gong Hospital is like all public hospitals, there were of course long waiting times. But this was made bearable by unfailingly attentive, patient and efficient staff for the scans and so on.

The doctor was obviously tired, but fully concentrated on being as helpful as possible. Greatly reassuring.

Wollongong ambulance officers Rachel and Craig, who gave me something for the pain and took me to this splendid hospital, were just as fully professional and a credit to their calling.

I am very grateful.

David Gilmorgan, Lake Heights

Nasty smell in the room

Their crime was ball tampering and they were crucified.

Get a grip people that has been happening for ages, what about the under arm episode the bowler was virtually tarred and feathered but the was later made a selector.

So what does that tell you about those at the helm of Cricket Australia, it leaves a nasty smell in the room, so get real and give them that fair go as we often hear about.

Brian George, Berkeley

Useless warmonger

We need Russia to step up to the plate in Syria and China to do the same on the Korean Peninsula.

Trump is a useless warmonger who will stop at nothing to maintain his relevance even though he is achieving nothing by launching missiles into Syria.

Russia needs to put its retaliatory missiles, including nuclear warheads, on the highest level of alert.

If its forces are hit it needs to strike back at US forces. In other words it needs to up the ante.

Trump needs to be made aware that his nations existence is at stake.

China needs to do the same over the Korean Peninsula and to take immediate steps to expand its influence in the Pacific.

We must have a counterbalance to the US that is meaningful, even if it results in nuclear war.

Adam Bonner, Brogo

This is not a democracy

Australia is a modern police state and we need to address that before more widespread violence becomes the norm.

We do not live in a democracy.

We live under a regime that is controlled by an elected oligarchy that, yes changes every three or four years, but in reality does not change because those elected are almost identical.

The system has been failing for a long time and the State must take stronger and stronger measures in order to maintain control and legitimacy.

Libertarianism in the from described here is not the answer because people like Leyonhjelm prefer to work within the system and that is the reason he will and must fail.

Our political system is totally self serving. Its aim is to maintain itself and to protect vested interests and elites.

One can argue till you are blue in the face about the State not having certain roles or not encroaching in certain areas but this will always play a lowly second fiddle to maintaining the system as a viable controlling agent, even though greater and greater levels of tyranny are required.

New leaders will be required and the spirit of liberty should be their guiding light, but these leaders will have to operate outside of the broken system that now pervades if we are to make our country free and great again.

Adam Bonner, Brogo

Up close: Margaret Johnston captured this amazing image. Send us your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.

Up close: Margaret Johnston captured this amazing image. Send us your pictures to letters@illawarramercury.com.au or post to our Facebook page.